The Music Department’s Plans for this Semester

by Jessi Bee, correspondent

The history of Moody Bible Institute is entangled with music. D. L. Moody’s ministry, from the beginning, is linked with Ira Sankey, his song leader. And the love Moody held for music continues on in his school. For years, the music ensembles at Moody have drawn crowds to hear the gospel through concerts, tours, and special performances such as Handel’s or Candlelight Carols. 

This semester, that tradition persists. Over Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, each of the music groups went on their winter tour within the surrounding states—Wisconsin for women’s choir, Ohio and Indiana for men’s, Missouri for chorale, and Michigan for band—performing at different venues such as churches and YMCAs. The season continued with a women’s choir tour in the Dixon and Rockford areas. Musicians stayed with host families from many of the churches, offering people across the country an inside glimpse of what Moody stands for. 

While many who aren’t involved in the ensembles may find music easy to disregard, the importance of music to Moody is echoed in those who are involved.

“If you care about the gospel, you would care about music,” said Gabrielle Roth, a junior piano major. “D. L. Moody believed in music as a tool for evangelism and so do those in the music groups, especially the music majors. Some people will come to a concert who wouldn’t be receptive to the gospel.”

 The music ensembles will also be making appearances at Founder’s Week. The Moody Symphonic Band will help open the conference on Monday, February 5th, and will appear again on the evening of Wednesday, February 7th with the rest of the ensembles. Chorale and the Men’s and Women’s choirs will appear at different morning and evening sessions on the 7th and 8th. A complete schedule can be found online at

Over Spring Break, men’s choir and chorale will spend a little over a week touring the country in areas such as New York and North Dakota. This tour will be similar to winter tour, based in churches most of the way. 

Concerts and appearances happen periodically throughout the semester, as do student recitals. A complete list of concert dates can be found on Moody’s website at 

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