The Moody Standard Staff Fall 2018


Jill White Column CardJill White, faculty advisor

Jill White is the faculty advisor for the Moody Standard. An assistant professor in Moody’s communications department, she works with the Standard staff to teach them the best possible practices of writing, editing and journalism, though her main job is to stay out of the students’ way as they work to create an amazing paper.

Mrs. White lives on the south side of Chicago in Hyde Park with her husband, Jim, and their five-year-old brindle mountain cur, Coco. Their son Jonah is a theater electrician in Chicago, and their son Jeremy (the “J” names are a family tradition) is a senior at Belmont University in Nashville. When she’s not teaching or working on her second master’s degree at UIC, Mrs. White reads lots of books, watches too much YouTube and too many Asian dramas (because she likes to) and works out on Solheim’s and UIC’s elliptical machines, bikes by the lake, and does Pilates (because she has to). Her favorite things include singing opera and baroque music; traveling; cooking and eating; drinking tea; and shopping at ethnic grocery stores. She has only a few extremely strong convictions: that white chocolate is a travesty, daylight savings time is a blot on Western civilization, and no-one will ever see Eliana get really angry. 



Eliana Peters, editor-in-chief

Eliana leads the newspaper team in the bi-weekly production of the paper and oversees the section editors. She plans to help the Standard continue to be a platform that points the Moody community back to Christ by making them more aware of the world around them. Eliana was raised in North Carolina but is originally from Texas. When she’s not pouring over news stories, you can find Eliana taking pictures, watching Gilmore Girls, exploring Chicago with her friends, or daydreaming about her favorite coffee shop back home. 



McKayla Bane, copy editor

McKayla is a sophomore Communications major and the Copy Editor for The Standard. She is a Californian currently living in the cold state of Vermont. She has a deep love for Mexican food, sushi, and dark chocolate. Her passions include visual storytelling, traveling, and experiencing different cultures. She can usually be found jamming to Childish Gambino or Kendrick on her incredible Marshall speaker, playing the piano, drinking coffee she she can’t afford, or trying to convince people that Tom Brady is in fact the g.o.a.t.



Brennen Daniels, photo editor

Brennen Daniels is the  photo editor for the Moody Standard, meaning he gathers the photography from newspaper photographers and edits them. He comes from some random cornfield in central Illinois and is a Sophomore Bible Music major. If he’s not using Lightroom or Photoshop, you can find him sipping some tea, reading poetry, or planning his next trip. 




Lucas Somma, art & culture editor

Lucas Somma is a Human Services major serving as arts & culture editor. His goal is to write something that matters; to provide a platform on issues Moody students wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed to. On a typical day Lucas can be found walking late to class, sympathizing with Che Guevara, spreading hummus on pita, or asking others about their Myers-Briggs Type.




Jenna Houk, campus and city editor

Jenna is the Campus and City Editor who is a lover of writing and photography. Her role is to assign stories related to campus and city news, along with other things. She’s a sophomore Evangelism and Discipleship major and has a passion for ministering to college students. She grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, but is originally from  California.




Katherine Drescher, lead layout editor

Katherine’s role as the head layout editor for the Standard involves organizing and arranging articles and photos and communicating with the photographers and illustrators who supply our visual content. As a senior Children’s Ministry major, Katherine enjoys things like coloring, swing sets, and candy. On her list of slightly more sophisticated interests are things like creating art and music. Acting like an adult is not on that list.




Christopher Newby, web editor

Christopher, as the Web Editor for the Standard, oversees the Standard’s website and social media platforms. Christopher is a senior Music Ministry major, and outside of his deep love for music he also enjoys reading good literature, writing, and listening to his discover weekly playlist on Spotify.




 Nathaniel Moore, Managing editor

Nathaniel Moore is a junior BA/MA pastoral studies major who comes from Colorado Springs Colorado. He is the managing editor for the Moody Standard and oversees the op-ed section of the paper as well as other general and editing responsibilities. His interests include: philosophy; photography; power lifting; prayer; and of course, good writing. He is also a part of [iNfoRmaL], Moody’s improv comedy group, where, despite the name, he still wears a tie.



Matt Connolly, nation and world editor

Matt hails from a small river city in Florida called New Port Richey. He grew up taking canoe and camping trips on Florida’s rivers that sometimes would last up to five days. Simply continuing the habit he formed with his brother, you can often find Matt engaged in some riveting discussion about theology, the Bible, or the issues that face man everyday. Besides this, he enjoys, jamming on his violin with anyone willing to join; drinking the strongest blackest coffee available; and wandering into the city on a whim with a few friends. He is in his Junior year in Moody’s Theology program.


Benjamin Clement, business manager

Benjamin is the business manager and is responsible for advertisements, distribution, and office maintenance. Benjamin was born in Montana and grew up in Minnesota. He attended two colleges prior to Moody. He is currently a senior Pastor Studies major and will soon move into Moody Theological Seminary. When not working Benjamin is either reading, playing Sudoku, binge watching stand up comedians, or debating theology. 


Tyler Davis, layout editor

As one of the layout editors for the Standard, Tyler arranges articles and visuals in a way to make them work together to create a pleasing and easy-to-read paper. As a senior Communications Major, Tyler is always arguing a philosophical point to himself, planning his next big project, or appreciating the beauty of the Chicago sunrise from the lake. You can find him most days walking briskly between appointments and talking to himself.