Ain’t No Shame in Changing the Name

by Jenna Knutson, correspondent

Effective this semester, Moody’s “pre-counseling” program is changing its name to “Human Services.” Changing the program’s title is set up to open doors, giving students more vocational opportunities as well as a future with non-profit organizations or direct counseling.

With more than 406 schools nationwide that offer human service bachelor’s degrees, it is not hard to understand why human services and psychology are among the top six most popular majors for college students .

Dr. Michael Milco, program head of pre-counseling and human services said, “There is no other program in the country that is called ‘pre-counseling.’” The prefix “pre” that something additional is needed in order to get a job. Pre-counseling is often misunderstood , and most graduates from Moody’s current program have had to justify their credentials to counsel.

When Milco and his TA suggested a change in the name of the major, the proposal passed through a tier of offices, including .

“It’s just the name change, none of the coursework changes,” Milco said. “The only difference is we’re going to get rid of “discipleship and formation” and make that taught as a theology elective. We will add some classes that we used to have.”

He said these classes include classes on social work, psychology, and counseling, with additional classes such as “hoop dynamics” or “stress and trauma.” 

 One reason that Milco became interested in switching the title of the major was due to the number of jobs in the social service field, most of which require a bachelor’s degree in social work, human services, or psychology. 

“Right now, there are close to 50 jobs researched that you could get if you have a BA in human services. The name is meant to make the major more robust and guarantee opportunities for students who want to do a variety of things,” Milco said. “This will still give people everything they need to move on to be a therapist if that’s what they want to do.” 

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