All Day, Every Day

by Megan Pogue, correspondent

I frequently find myself up late studying, hungry for something to eat. A year ago, I would head over to Taco Burrito King for some middle of the night tacos and cheese fries, but as we all know, it has been closed for a while now.

Over by the Chicago Brown Line stop, a new 24/7 food establishment called Griddle 24 has recently opened. It has a modern yet classic vibe about it. Best of all, it is open all hours of the night. So, to my freshman friends: If you find yourself hungry while writing that paper for Dr. Marty all night long, they will be open and ready to satisfy your 3 a.m. cravings.

Griddle 24 features all of the breakfast classics, like waffles and pancakes, as well as crepes for those craving something extra sweet. They also feature Mexican breakfast foods and a variety of egg-based dishes. Not in the mood for breakfast? They also have a variety of sandwiches and entrees. Entrees come with rolls and soup.

I picked the classic fish and chips, and got cheese sauce on my fries. It is difficult to find beer-battered fish outside of the South, so that was a big hit for me. They also put a very generous amount of cheese sauce on the fries, so I definitely recommend them to all the cheese lovers out there. Another big hit was the California burger with sweet potato fries. They also serve a variety of desserts, ranging from pies and cakes to ice cream sundaes.

Photo by Megan Pogue/freelance

Photo by Megan Pogue/freelance

While the prices aren’t McDonald’s-Value-Menu cheap, it is definitely worth the money for the amount of food and the excellent service. A regular dinner costs around $15 per person, although it is cheaper for a late night snack.

The entrees are more than enough food, so it could easily be split between two people. A simple way to save money is to get water instead of paying for $3 soft drinks. Even on a Saturday night, the atmosphere was considerably quiet, which makes it a great place for a date night or good conversation with a group of friends. It is right across the street from the Chicago Brown Line station on Chicago Avenue, making it just a few minutes’ walk away from campus and convenient for getting dinner, then catching the train to go see a movie.

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