Artist Next Door: Music from the body, for the body

by Jenna Reed features editor

“Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed.” We have recited these words many times and sung them in choruses. But do we understand? Do we live like they are true?

These are the questions Gabes Torres, senior theology major, began to ask as she realized that her fellow brothers and sisters seem to be defining freedom in Christ by the world’s terms — in terms of physical and religious freedom, in terms of rights.

In response Torres geared her internship to restore a fuller biblical perspective of freedom: a freedom from sin, for righteousness, and for faith. To do so, Torres wrote an eight-piece set on the theology of redemption from the bondage of sin titled “Freedom Repertoire.”

Torres is taking the performance to local churches, coffee shops and youth groups in hopes of alerting and stimulating cognitive and emotional faculties to the truth that we are free. The show includes teaching throughout, but the music is the focal point. As a talented writer and musician, Torres uses the holistic nature of music to revive the biblical understanding of freedom.

The set is written as a chronology from the redemption from sin to the renewal of faith. It features what Torres describes as a folk-jazz sound, though she admitted in terms of genre, “I haven’t really figured it out yet. I’m just having fun with it.” The songs include stories from the biblical narrative, philosophic ideas and personal stories. She hopes to record and release the set in late 2015.


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