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parting words from the former editor in chief

by Margaret Tazioli former editor-in-chief

After accepting the position as editor-in-chief for The Moody Standard last fall, I immediately turned to Google and asked “how to be a good editor-in-chief.”

My resumé may have been up for the job, but was I?

One year ago, at this time, I was preparing to write my first article for The Standard as a correspondent. Just the thought of interviewing someone from facilities for an article about bed bugs was terrifying.

Since then, I have faced much scarier things than bed bugs articles, but I overcame irrational fears and my skin grew a few healthy layers of thickness.

It is just a simple student-run campus newspaper, but I am more proud of our work as a team than anything else I have done at Moody.

I owe thanks to our dedicated readers who put up with an occasional spelling mistake or misplaced comma in exchange for a valuable learning environment.

I also owe thanks to Levi Homstad, Eve White, Chris Lieberman, Christa Larsen-Sorterup, Lane Anderson, Calvin Edwards, Sarah Burns, Jonathan Sumettikul, Monica Friesen, Andrew Cullen, Jon Forsythe, Chel Brown, Jonathan Huang, Rachel Naffziger, Jonyo Hull, Lizzy Sullivan, Brennan McCarthy, and Professor White for giving me the opportunity to lead this team and for being such a reliable and dedicated staff.

Through the good days and the bad, we stuck together and produced the best newspaper we knew how.

So here’s to razing the Standard. May it continue to inform, connect, and inspire.

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