C2E2: Comic Con Chicago Style

by Kaitlyn Hudson, correspondent

This past week marked the eighth year of the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, also known as C2E2. The expose was held in the South Building at McCormick Place on Lake Shore Drive and ran from April 6-8.

The C2E2 website says that the event is “the only comic, cosplay, and pop culture convention in the heart of downtown Chicago.” The comic expo aims to celebrate different fandoms by hosting celebrities, exhibitors, artists, and authors. This year included famous comic, literary, and entertainment guests like Aaron Douglas from “Battlestar Galactica,” Caity Lotz from “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” and “Arrow,” Aaron Kuder from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and Daniel Kraus from “The Shape of Water.”

Prices for the expo vary depending on what days you chose to attend and if you want VIP access. Typically, a ticket for Friday costs $30.75, a ticket for Saturday costs $40.75, and a ticket for Sunday costs $35.75. Each of the ticket prices is preshow prices; however, you can purchase a three-day package for $75.75. The VIP package for Friday or Saturday cost $175 and the Platinum VIP package costs $500.00. At the event, C2E2 had the most prestigious cosplay award show in the world. The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo website calls to fans, saying, “If you’ve always dreamed of attending the biggest geek party in the Midwest, this is your weekend to get wild and cut loose with fellow Chicago nerds.”

Charity Wysong gave her honest review of the 2016 Chicago Comic Expo on chicagonow.com. She first mentioned the sheer size of the event and how 2015 had about 71,000 attendees. When assessing the vending area, Charity said, “there were clothing vendors, anime and action figures, tons of POP! Vinyl figures, plushies, comics, books, artwork, posters, and so much more.” Charity also discusses Artist Alley, which is a space dedicated to the most talented artists. She states that the only drawback is “eye fatigue,” but the opportunity to meet artists she had only heard of is indescribable. Charity ends by talking about Cosplay and how amazing it was to meet the most famous Cosplayers.

Brian Koznarek, senior pastoral major, was looking forward to their famous cosplay event and getting to identify as many of the characters as possible. He also knew that animator Stephan Frank, creator of the “Iron Giant,” would be coming to discuss animating action and specifically how he animated his movie. Koznarek said he looked forward to seeing the creator of “My Giant Nerd Boyfriend,” a show on Webtoons. He noted that the only downfall of C2E2 was the high cost of tickets.

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