In the Stream: Your Guide for What to Watch Online

by Jill White, Faculty Advisor and Lucas Somma, Art and Culture Editor Anne with an E Netflix A beautifully shot adaptation of the Anne of Green Gables novels, this production brings a dark edge to the story of Anne

Into the Woods: Thoughts from the Cast

Dr. Jori Jennings designed Moody’s production of Into the Woods to be an experience for Moody students going through the major transitions of this past academic year in preparation for the changes of the upcoming one. The dress rehearsal and four showings were filled up and sold out weeks before the performance.

Moody Professor Writes Easter Show

Matthew Moore, professor of communications, will be performing a multisensory theater experience entitled “Through the Veil: An Easter Experience” from Wednesday, March 23rd to Saturday, March 31st, at Greenhouse Theater in Chicago.

Jonah’s Oscar Predictions

Jonah Wright is the managing editor for the Moody Standard. He is well-versed in movies and frequently covers them in the columns he writes for the Standard. The Academy Awards honors the best achievements in

The Music Box Theater

The Music Box Theater

by Tirzah Walker, correspondent Classic films become a hot topic around this season. Many students will claim “White Christmas” or “It’s a Wonderful Life” as their Christmas movie favorite. Some may hunker down in an open

A Unique Form of Worship: Poi

A Unique Form of Worship: Poi

Worship is not confined to one form or another. During Mission’s Conference, Max Warren, a senior human services major, performed poi.

Seeing Beauty in the Ordinary

by Katherine Kloepper, guest writer Your soul has most likely been stirred by the beauty of something extraordinary, such as a massive piece of art, a glorious mountain view, an electrifying sunset, or an exceptional musical

What’s Up with the Art in Joe’s?

by Tirzah Lee, correspondent Over the last few weeks, a display of Moody students’ art has been displayed at Joe’s. These works of unframed imagination were a chance for students to participate in an Art Society

Moody’s Magician

by Bethany Paulsen, correspondent Moody campus’s residential illusionist, Zachary Wilke, a senior pastoral studies major, is known for having a trick or two up his sleeve. He describes his illusions as doing the unexpected with everyday

#ShopSmall: Online Shopping and the Brick-and-Mortar Store

by Jenna Knutson, correspondent The Second Child is a consignment store located on 945 W Armitage in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. The owner, Amy Helgren, opened the store 30 years ago, inspired by her second daughter.