What’s Up with the Art in Joe’s?

by Tirzah Lee, correspondent Over the last few weeks, a display of Moody students’ art has been displayed at Joe’s. These works of unframed imagination were a chance for students to participate in an Art Society

Moody’s Magician

by Bethany Paulsen, correspondent Moody campus’s residential illusionist, Zachary Wilke, a senior pastoral studies major, is known for having a trick or two up his sleeve. He describes his illusions as doing the unexpected with everyday

#ShopSmall: Online Shopping and the Brick-and-Mortar Store

by Jenna Knutson, correspondent The Second Child is a consignment store located on 945 W Armitage in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. The owner, Amy Helgren, opened the store 30 years ago, inspired by her second daughter.

Post-Weinstein Hollywood: A Wake Up Call

by Jonah Wright, art & culture editor Harvey Weinstein was one of the great names in modern Hollywood. He created Miramax Films and the Weinstein Company and, according to Time, is worth an estimated $240 million

Smash Bros at MBI

Moody has a new club on its campus, and it’s all about a video game. Dylan Rudolph and Caleb Cooley, both sophomore biblical studies majors, are the co-leaders of MBI Smash, a recently amassed group that’s solely dedicated to the enjoyment of the cult-classic game Super Smash Bros.

The Gospel is to be Seen

by Ronnie Dalton, guest writer She sat silently, gazing into my painting. Tears formed in her eyes as she touched the dried paint texturing the canvas. I could have preached until my face was blue

Shakespeare Unscripted

by Bethany Paulsen, correspondent One of Chicago’s most popular shows isn’t performed at Lyric Opera, Oriental Theater, or any of the typical Broadway venues, but rather in a small, dimly lit room adjoining a restaurant just

Instagram and the Artist

by Jessi Bee, correspondent There’s something peaceful about walking into an art gallery. People grow quiet, become almost reverent, in the presence of great art. It is sacred. As Thin Space, Moody’s art and theology journal,

The Octopus Eats its Own Leg

by Wesley Kirk, correspondent “The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg” is an exhibit on display at the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Chicago through September 24th. It comprises the work of artist Takashi Murakami and speaks powerfully

Dungeons, Dragons, and Dryer

Despite strong resistance form the Christian community in the past, Dungeons and Dragons has become more popular than ever. Thanks in part to a cameo on the critically acclaimed Netflix show “Stranger Things,” this game has found a home on Moody’s campus.