Moody Professor Writes Easter Show

Matthew Moore, professor of communications, will be performing a multisensory theater experience entitled “Through the Veil: An Easter Experience” from Wednesday, March 23rd to Saturday, March 31st, at Greenhouse Theater in Chicago.

Police Commander Shot in the Loop

Commander Paul Bauer of the Chicago Police Department was killed Tuesday, February 13th, while pursuing a suspect near the Loop. Bauer was 53 years old, and leaves behind a wife and a daughter. He had served 31 years in the police force, CNN reports.

Celebrating Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and this is the third year Moody Bible Institute has celebrated it by offering an array of community events and lectures.

Improv and Intentionality

Here at Moody, there is a group of people who embrace improv and transform it into something new. [iNfoRmaL], a comedy group comprising of eight Moody students, seeks to glorify God though God-honoring humor and Christ-like relationships on and off stage.

Cleansing the Temple

Near the intersection between Clark St. and Chicago Ave., a short walk from Moody Bible Institute, stands a new Mormon meeting house. In response, a few Moody students have created a club, called Temple Run, that focuses strictly on Mormon outreach.

Spokane Starts Fresh

Several months after the announcement of Moody Spokane's closure, many involved in the ministries surrounding Spokane are working to ensure that there continues to be the opportunity for Biblical teaching and schooling in the city of Spokane.

The Dice Dojo

As the stress of a new semester begins to pile up and the weight of assignments builds, the search for a place to relieve the pressure of life as a college student begins. Instead of revisiting the same coffee shops again and drinking more lattes than any normal person should, try Dice Dojo.

Chicago’s Coffee Boom

Coffee, beans, roasts, cuppings. The chatter, the quiet, the vibes. Experiencing Chicago requires at least a few trips to obscure cafes like the “Wormhole” or “Volumes” in Wicker Park, “Bourgeois Pig” or “Elaine’s” in Lincoln Park, or “Joe’s” here on campus.

The Music Department’s Plans for this Semester

by Jessi Bee, correspondent The history of Moody Bible Institute is entangled with music. D. L. Moody’s ministry, from the beginning, is linked with Ira Sankey, his song leader. And the love Moody held for music

The Music Box Theater

The Music Box Theater

by Tirzah Walker, correspondent Classic films become a hot topic around this season. Many students will claim “White Christmas” or “It’s a Wonderful Life” as their Christmas movie favorite. Some may hunker down in an open