Into the Woods: Thoughts from the Cast

Dr. Jori Jennings designed Moody’s production of Into the Woods to be an experience for Moody students going through the major transitions of this past academic year in preparation for the changes of the upcoming one. The dress rehearsal and four showings were filled up and sold out weeks before the performance.

Breakfast at Night: Where it All Began

It is common knowledge that final’s week is a stressful time. Here at Moody, we have an annual opportunity for relieving this stress: Breakfast at Night. Though it is a popular event among students, few people seem to be certain of how it came about in the first place.

Moody Takes the Win at ETS

The Evangelical Theological Society (ETS), one of the largest American societies for evangelical scholars, honored a Moody senior at this year’s ETS Midwest Regional Conference with a first-place win in its student essay submission contest. Senior biblical studies major, Connor Ham, took first place with his paper, “Where the Scholars Disagree.”

Chicago and Spokane Collide

Moody Bible Institute went through many changes last semester. Among these changes, the student body was told that the Spokane campus would be shutting down and the students residing there would be given the option to continue their studies here in Chicago.

Moody Ranked #1 Christian Counseling Degree

Moody Bible Institute has recently been named the top Christian college for a counseling degree in 2018, in a list by Kirsten Hughes of The list covers many bachelor degrees, both in arts and sciences, including, but not limited to, professional counseling, counseling psychology, biblical counseling, and pre-counseling—for which Moody has been named top.

C2E2: Comic Con Chicago Style

The C2E2 website says that the event is “the only comic, cosplay, and pop culture convention in the heart of downtown Chicago.” The comic expo aims to celebrate different fandoms by hosting celebrities, exhibitors, artists, and authors.

What is Colorism?

Theology of Remembrance tackled the issue of colorism, a form of bigotry that is rarely talked about. Poets illustrated and testified to how they had been hurt by individuals of their own ethnicity for being too dark or too light. Artists displayed how Western beauty standards have left them feeling ugly in their darkened skin. People shared personal stories of wounds from colorism, wounds often inflicted by their own families.

The Student Government: A Year in Review

by Sara Nimori, correspondent & new SGA President Have you ever wondered what Student Government does? If not, perhaps you have not heard of Student Government. This reaction prompts a look at what exactly the Student

John Hancock Building Loses Its Name

Every day thousands of people walk the Magnificent Mile here in Chicago, and for years the John Hancock building with its modern X-frame design has been one of its famous landmarks. But as of February 12, the skyscraper is called by its street address: 875 North Michigan Ave.

Moody Professor Writes Easter Show

Matthew Moore, professor of communications, will be performing a multisensory theater experience entitled “Through the Veil: An Easter Experience” from Wednesday, March 23rd to Saturday, March 31st, at Greenhouse Theater in Chicago.