Directed study takes Kayla Dutton to frontlines of refugee crisis

by Margaret Tazioli editor in chief As the news about the Syrian refugee crisis worsens, and European countries struggle to place the massive exodus of people from the Middle East, one Moody student decided to

“Sawasdee” from overseas: “Terrorist” invited to the White House

by Jonathan Sumettikul news editor Most American school children don’t have to live in fear of being arrested for bringing their creative inventions to school. However, on Sept. 14, just three days after the anniversary

The Iran crisis: deal or no deal?

by Jonathan Huang staff writer   The Iran nuclear deal developed in Vienna this past July after years of diplomacy and a final marathon of negotiation among senior diplomats from the six world powers: U.S., China, Russia,

Pimps brand trafficked victims

by Grace Petit correspondent Pimps are branding the children sold into America’s $9 billion sex-trafficking industry with tattoos of dollar signs, money bags, crowns, bar codes, gang names and their own initials. Sergeant Juan Fisher of

Dating website threatens the sanctity of marriage

by Megan Wohlers correspondent “Life is short, have an affair.” This is the slogan of the now infamous dating site for married people who want to cheat on their spouses. In the wake of recent hack

Katrina memories: angels in Petal, Mississippi

by Ian Cranston correspondent Ten years ago, on Aug. 29, a devastating hurricane struck New Orleans. As I was leaving work, I got a voicemail from my roommate Jeremy asking if I wanted to go to

President Obama secures votes for Iran deal

by Jonathan Huang staff writer   On Sept. 2, President Obama secured just enough support in Congress to all but ensure he can follow through with the implementation of a landmark nuclear agreement with Iran. The White House’s

Missiology in the South Pacific Islands

by Mithun Roy correspondent Last summer Anna-Marie Henry and Hannah Cate, both junior missions majors, embarked on a journey through the islands of Vanuatu — a South Pacific nation near Australia. While reflecting on the