Public Safety takes swift action during power outage across campus

by Ian Cranston correspondent At approximately 11:05 PM on Tuesday night, Public Safety issued a Code 12345. While most Moody students would not know what that stands for, many, including freshman Aaron Carter, could have guessed:

Extra-alarm fires destroy Second City’s offices in Old Town

by Jonathan Huang staff writer A multiple-alarm fire destroyed the office apartments of Old Town’s famed Second City theatre company on Wednesday afternoon. Four firefighters were injured but listed in stable condition according to the

Celebrating athletes and integrating Archie

by Peter Staudinger staff writer On Friday, April 24th, Moody athletes and staff celebrated a great year at the annual Sports Banquet and announced a new Moody mascot. Many student athletes were presented with athletic awards

President Nyquist announces Chapman Center

by Jonathan Buchanan staff writer In a special “town hall” meeting during chapel hour on Sept. 16, President Nyquist announced plans to build the first new building on the Chicago campus in 20 years. Thanks

Bombing kills and injures many at Boston marathon finish line

by Dillon Mack news editor Shouts of celebration were turned to screams of panic and horror as two explosions occurred near the finish line of the Boston marathon.  As reports, the two explosives, which

Papal office filled once again, students respond positively

photo from George Bog, PD

by Jenna Pirrie editor-in-chief Editor’s note: Due to the feedback this post has received, a clarification may be necessary. Neither this post, nor the views expressed in the quotes within, in any way represent the official views,

Micah Stinchfield: Moody mourns one of our own

The Moody Standard staff grieves with the family and friends of student Micah Stinchfield, who died on Jan. 26, 2013 due to a swimming related accident. We have been, and continually will be, in prayer

Moody debate inducted into distinguished debate association

by Jenna Reed staff writer Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Brown and Dartmouth: what do all these schools have in common with Moody Bible Institute? As of December 2012, membership in the nation’s most

Hurricane Sandy batters East Coast

[Updated at 8:00pm] Down from 8 million earlier today, 6.9 million people remain without power throughout the east. The death toll in the US and Canada is now reported at 33, with 16 in

Cyclist killed just off campus

On his way to work Friday morning, cyclist Neill Townsend was killed after swerving to miss an opening car door. He fell and was caught underneath the wheels of a passing semi. The accident occurred at the