No Journalism on Campus Leaves Us with Fake News

No Journalism on Campus Leaves Us with Fake News

by Jill White, faculty advisor            By now you may have heard that the administration has decided to shut down Moody’s campus newspaper for budgetary reasons, cutting staff salaries and re-directing elsewhere the $10-per-year student fees that

In the Stream: Your Guide for What to Watch Online

by Jill White, Faculty Advisor and Lucas Somma, Art and Culture Editor Anne with an E Netflix A beautifully shot adaptation of the Anne of Green Gables novels, this production brings a dark edge to the story of Anne

His Gentleness

by Natalie Revesz, correspondent Night dropped softly over the city, which was still bustling with the inertia of another summer day in July. I sat quietly in a strange dorm room, deliberating over the past school

The Student Government: A Year in Review

by Sara Nimori, correspondent & new SGA President Have you ever wondered what Student Government does? If not, perhaps you have not heard of Student Government. This reaction prompts a look at what exactly the Student

The Salvation of Time

by Gordon White, web editor What do I know about time? As a 21-year-old, admittedly, not much. I know that time never quite moves at the speed you want it to. It drags on eternally when you’re

God and the Mystery of Science

by Nathaniel Moore, copy editor Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw in their book “why does E=mc2?” say this about science: “With each new level of understanding, a more accurate worldview emerges…in the very important sense that

Billy Graham: The Man and the Movement

Billy Graham has died. On the morning of February 21st, one of evangelicalism’s titans passed from this life and now awaits resurrection. He was eight months short of 100 years old.

Jonah’s Oscar Predictions

Jonah Wright is the managing editor for the Moody Standard. He is well-versed in movies and frequently covers them in the columns he writes for the Standard. The Academy Awards honors the best achievements in

What My Cleft Lip Taught Me About Physical Appearance

Sometimes, I take my finger and rub the cleft lip scar that runs from my upper lip to my nose. It reminds me that God is in control.

From the Editors of Thin Space: Crux

Our submissions are currently open for theologically informed art based on the theme Crux. All submissions are due December 8th at midnight. Tell us stories about moments of critical decision. Show us images that give flesh to the cruxes in your life and the life of your community.