Jonah’s Oscar Predictions

Jonah Wright is the managing editor for the Moody Standard. He is well-versed in movies and frequently covers them in the columns he writes for the Standard. The Academy Awards honors the best achievements in

What My Cleft Lip Taught Me About Physical Appearance

Sometimes, I take my finger and rub the cleft lip scar that runs from my upper lip to my nose. It reminds me that God is in control.

From the Editors of Thin Space: Crux

Our submissions are currently open for theologically informed art based on the theme Crux. All submissions are due December 8th at midnight. Tell us stories about moments of critical decision. Show us images that give flesh to the cruxes in your life and the life of your community.

The Bible and the Institute: On Homework and Devotionals

by Connor Ham, guest writer There is an old cliché here at Moody that warns, “Do not let the Bible become a textbook.” There is a lot of merit to this proverb. It is true for

Artistry and Imagination

by Sierra Clanton, guest columnist When an artist creates, the choice to convey one message is subconsciously the choice to leave the inverse out. Thus, rather than being fully freeing, artistry might be poignant, declarative,

On the Ending of The Sports Ministry Major

by Tyler Brown, correspondent  There’s one question people I’ve just met ask that I think about frequently: “Why did you come to Moody?” In November of 2014, after hearing about Moody at a Christian college fair,

Grieving Upward

by Bruce Norquist, guest writer There is a phrase in leadership literature called “Leading Upward.” The phrase refers to an ability to influence and affect the leaders above you. According to leadership experts, constructively affecting

No Place to Lay My Head

Feeling Homeless in An Election f Pain by Micah Matthews, guest writer Pain — agonizing, deadening, numbing pain — is the one thing common to all of us. The pain of marginalization. The pain of feeling

Portrait of Praise

by Maddie Fox, guest writer “Out with the old and in with the new” is the anthem of the eager new generation charging the worship scene, while their predecessors respond with, “don’t change a good

Responding to the Election

A time to cry to Jesus from the City of Man by Dr. Bryan Litfin, guest writer Right now, about half the country is disgusted, while the other half is only mildly disgusted. Yet as I