No Journalism on Campus Leaves Us with Fake News

No Journalism on Campus Leaves Us with Fake News

by Jill White, faculty advisor            By now you may have heard that the administration has decided to shut down Moody’s campus newspaper for budgetary reasons, cutting staff salaries and re-directing elsewhere the $10-per-year student fees that

Tips to Gear Up for Winter

by the staff of the Moody Standard Colder weather is creeping in, and all too soon, Chicago will be coated in glittering layers of ice, frost, and most likely snow. To help students prepare for

In the Stream: Your Guide for What to Watch Online

by Jill White, Faculty Advisor and Lucas Somma, Art and Culture Editor Anne with an E Netflix A beautifully shot adaptation of the Anne of Green Gables novels, this production brings a dark edge to the story of Anne

Illinois Gubernatorial Race Candidates

by Shelby Walden, correspondant  Election day is right around the corner, and Illinois is pulling out all of the stops in the gubernatorial election.  The candidates for the two major parties have each spent millions of

Remembering John McCain

by Tirzah Walker, correspondent On Jan. 3, 1987, John Sidney McCain took office as U.S. Senator of Arizona. On Aug. 25, 2018, John Sidney McCain left that seat vacant after his death at the age of

Comm Professor Warns of Technology in Church

by Christopher Newby, web editor “Does it need to be fast, or does it need to be slow?” This is the question that Jeremy Pettitt, professor at Moody in the communications department, keeps asking his pastor

In the twilight of day two: who are the newest Moody students?

by Lucas Somma, arts and culture editor “I’m broken,” said Tyler Jones, a freshman pastoral studies major. “God saved me.” In the twilight of day two at Moody, Jones was supremely careful to describe himself with humility. Refraining

Moody Women Take Over Dryer Hall

by Jenna Houk, campus and city editor Moody Bible Institute has made the decision to turn one of the floors in the Dryer men’s dorm into a women’s dorm. According to an email from Dr. Bruce Norquist

Chapman Green Roof

by Eliana Peters, editor-in-chief A green roof was built on top of the Chapman Center by ordinance of the City of Chicago to help promote environmental sustainability. Erik Hultquist, the Assistant Division Manager of Facilities Management and

Breakfast at Night: Where it All Began

It is common knowledge that final’s week is a stressful time. Here at Moody, we have an annual opportunity for relieving this stress: Breakfast at Night. Though it is a popular event among students, few people seem to be certain of how it came about in the first place.