In the twilight of day two: who are the newest Moody students?

by Lucas Somma, arts and culture editor “I’m broken,” said Tyler Jones, a freshman pastoral studies major. “God saved me.” In the twilight of day two at Moody, Jones was supremely careful to describe himself with humility. Refraining

Moody Women Take Over Dryer Hall

by Jenna Houk, campus and city editor Moody Bible Institute has made the decision to turn one of the floors in the Dryer men’s dorm into a women’s dorm. According to an email from Dr. Bruce Norquist

Chapman Green Roof

by Eliana Peters, editor-in-chief A green roof was built on top of the Chapman Center by ordinance of the City of Chicago to help promote environmental sustainability. Erik Hultquist, the Assistant Division Manager of Facilities Management and

Breakfast at Night: Where it All Began

It is common knowledge that final’s week is a stressful time. Here at Moody, we have an annual opportunity for relieving this stress: Breakfast at Night. Though it is a popular event among students, few people seem to be certain of how it came about in the first place.

Moody Takes the Win at ETS

The Evangelical Theological Society (ETS), one of the largest American societies for evangelical scholars, honored a Moody senior at this year’s ETS Midwest Regional Conference with a first-place win in its student essay submission contest. Senior biblical studies major, Connor Ham, took first place with his paper, “Where the Scholars Disagree.”

Chicago and Spokane Collide

Moody Bible Institute went through many changes last semester. Among these changes, the student body was told that the Spokane campus would be shutting down and the students residing there would be given the option to continue their studies here in Chicago.

C2E2: Comic Con Chicago Style

The C2E2 website says that the event is “the only comic, cosplay, and pop culture convention in the heart of downtown Chicago.” The comic expo aims to celebrate different fandoms by hosting celebrities, exhibitors, artists, and authors.

Moody’s New Student Body Leaders

Recently, Moody students voted for their next student body leaders. After ballots were counted, Sara Nimori, junior communications major, and Wyatt English, freshman communications major, were named student president and vice president.

Tongsung Kido: Korean Corporate Prayer

Tongsung kido, or pray aloud, is a method of prayer popular in the South Korean church, where the congregation comes together for a specific amount of time, interceding or supplicating for others.

The Salvation of Time

by Gordon White, web editor What do I know about time? As a 21-year-old, admittedly, not much. I know that time never quite moves at the speed you want it to. It drags on eternally when you’re