Remembering John McCain

by Tirzah Walker, correspondent On Jan. 3, 1987, John Sidney McCain took office as U.S. Senator of Arizona. On Aug. 25, 2018, John Sidney McCain left that seat vacant after his death at the age of

Comm Professor warns of technology in church

by Christopher Newby, web editor “Does it need to be fast, or does it need to be slow?” This is the question that Jeremy Pettitt, professor at Moody in the communications department, keeps asking his pastor

In the twilight of day two: who are the newest Moody students?

by Lucas Somma, arts and culture editor “I’m broken,” said Tyler Jones, a freshman pastoral studies major. “God saved me.” In the twilight of day two at Moody, Jones was supremely careful to describe himself with humility. Refraining

Chapman Green Roof

by Eliana Peters, editor-in-chief A green roof was built on top of the Chapman Center by ordinance of the City of Chicago to help promote environmental sustainability. Erik Hultquist, the Assistant Division Manager of Facilities Management and

International Student Overcomes Cultural Challenges

by Christopher Newby, web editor August has arrived at Moody Bible Institute once again, and with it have come hundreds of students from all over the world. Being an international student comes with challenges said Ayanda

Chicago Fun!

by McKayla Bane, copy editor Need a break from the craziness of school but don’t know where to go? Do you want to have fun but have no desire to spend lots of money? Read on

Facilities Summer Report

by Matt Connolly, nation and world editor This summer, while students were all over the world, facilities was back here on campus working diligently on multiple projects. Of course, you will soon see the beautiful walkway we

Ode to a New Student from an Old Room

by Nathaniel Moore, managing editor Well, it’s time for another semester to begin. The cross-plaza shrieks have begun, and the weary whirring of the elevators has resumed. I should introduce myself: I’m Culby room 416. Summers are always

Into the Woods: Thoughts from the Cast

Dr. Jori Jennings designed Moody’s production of Into the Woods to be an experience for Moody students going through the major transitions of this past academic year in preparation for the changes of the upcoming one. The dress rehearsal and four showings were filled up and sold out weeks before the performance.

Moody Welcomes New RAs, Says Goodbye to Old Ones

As the semester draws to a close, students across campus prepare to say goodbye to floormates. With the senior class preparing to graduate, many floors will be left without Residential Assistants (RAs). Yet Moody is filled with willing, qualified individuals ready fill those positions.