Chapman Center Construction Time-lapse

Dr. Gauger's office overlooks the new Chapman Center construction site. He has been taking timelapse photos and shared them with us.

Study Abroad: UK/ Ireland

by Wyatt English, correspondent This past summer, students from Moody spent two and a half months traveling around the United Kingdom and Ireland. While on tour, students visited historic locations such as Edinburgh, Oxford, Belfast,

The Broke Student’s Guide to Chicago

by Kai Newell, correspondent Money is often limited for college students. Living in downtown Chicago presents unique challenges when it comes to finding new and interesting ways to spend free time. However, the city has

Charlottesville Protests and White Supremacists

Dr. Redmond, pastor of Calvary Memorial Church and professor at Moody Bible Institute, speaks to his congregation on the recent events in Charlottesville.

Spring Oratorio Photo Gallery

by Brock Lockenour, correspondent  The spring Oratorio was held on Tuesday, May 2nd in Alumni Auditorium.    The performance included parts sung by staff members.    During the recital, several soloists

MuKappa Soccer Fundraiser

by Grace Choi, correspondent Around 40 Chicago Moody students participated in the Annual MuKappa Soccer Tournament on Saturday, April 22 which was hosted by the missionary kid student group. This year’s winning team, “The Asians,” scored

Married at Moody: Relational Changes

by Amy Schuett, correspondent “Oh, you’re married?” a male student may ask Rachel Grotenhuis, a senior pre-counseling major, as he shifts his eyes down to the floor. “That’s cool.” She said there’s a good chance he will

Dr. Cirafesi Retires

by Natasha Garrido, correspondent Professor , the head of the TESOL program, is retiring at the end of the semester after 17 years at Moody. Cirafesi said that he came to Moody after a conversation with Professor

Easter Away from Home

by Amy Shuett, correspondent This year, Easter falls in April, and students all over Moody’s campus are getting ready to head home and celebrate Easter with family and friends. However, many international students have to stay

PCM: Spring Break in the Philippines

by Brock Lockenour, correspondent Moody might have two weeks of spring break, but not all students take that time to take a break. Each year, the PCM department organizes several trips abroad to provide missions-minded students