Facilities Summer Report

by Matt Connolly, nation and world editor This summer, while students were all over the world, facilities was back here on campus working diligently on multiple projects. Of course, you will soon see the beautiful walkway we

Ode to a New Student from an Old Room

by Nathaniel Moore, managing editor Well, it’s time for another semester to begin. The cross-plaza shrieks have begun, and the weary whirring of the elevators has resumed. I should introduce myself: I’m Culby room 416. Summers are always

Into the Woods: Thoughts from the Cast

Dr. Jori Jennings designed Moody’s production of Into the Woods to be an experience for Moody students going through the major transitions of this past academic year in preparation for the changes of the upcoming one. The dress rehearsal and four showings were filled up and sold out weeks before the performance.

Moody Welcomes New RAs, Says Goodbye to Old Ones

As the semester draws to a close, students across campus prepare to say goodbye to floormates. With the senior class preparing to graduate, many floors will be left without Residential Assistants (RAs). Yet Moody is filled with willing, qualified individuals ready fill those positions.

Moody’s New Student Body Leaders

Recently, Moody students voted for their next student body leaders. After ballots were counted, Sara Nimori, junior communications major, and Wyatt English, freshman communications major, were named student president and vice president.

Moody Professor Writes Easter Show

Matthew Moore, professor of communications, will be performing a multisensory theater experience entitled “Through the Veil: An Easter Experience” from Wednesday, March 23rd to Saturday, March 31st, at Greenhouse Theater in Chicago.

Police Commander Shot in the Loop

Commander Paul Bauer of the Chicago Police Department was killed Tuesday, February 13th, while pursuing a suspect near the Loop. Bauer was 53 years old, and leaves behind a wife and a daughter. He had served 31 years in the police force, CNN reports.

Jonah’s Oscar Predictions

Jonah Wright is the managing editor for the Moody Standard. He is well-versed in movies and frequently covers them in the columns he writes for the Standard. The Academy Awards honors the best achievements in

The Music Department’s Plans for this Semester

by Jessi Bee, correspondent The history of Moody Bible Institute is entangled with music. D. L. Moody’s ministry, from the beginning, is linked with Ira Sankey, his song leader. And the love Moody held for music

Moody Plans ‘Into the Woods’ Performance

Next semester, the Moody campus will be ringing with lyrics sung by students in the showers, down the halls, and through the arches in preparation for the musical production of “Into the Woods.” Dr. Jori Jennings, professor of music, is the director for this year’s spring musical.