Chapman Green Roof

by Eliana Peters, editor-in-chief

A green roof was built on top of the Chapman Center by ordinance of the City of Chicago to help promote environmental sustainability.

Erik Hultquist, the Assistant Division Manager of Facilities Management and Planning at Moody, said that they implemented this feature into the building because the city requires that fifty percent of any roof be covered by green roof material.

            On the surface of the Chapman Center roof now lies a four-inch deep tray of succulents, Hultquist said, adding that little maintenance is required except for weeding.

“The maintenance for the green roof system is limited to weeding monthly and watering as required during really dry periods,” he said.

            The purpose of the green roof is not for Moody personnel, as no access is allowed, Hultquist said. According to the official website for LiveRoof, the product used on the Chapman roof, the purpose is environmental.

The website says, “Our green roof hybrid design allows for the natural sharing of water, nutrients and beneficial organisms.”

Specific benefits of the roof include the re-creation of habitats for insects and birds, a reduction in risk of fire, and the lowering of indoor noise, according to the LiveRoof website.

Hultquist added that the roof helps with water retention. He said, “The green roof helps with water run off into the storm water system by holding the water in the trays.”

According to the City of Chicago’s official website, the promotion of green roofs on buildings in Chicago is the responsibility of Sustainable Development Division of the Department of Housing and Economic Development.

The Chapman Center is the first building on Moody’s campus to be a part of this development, Hultquist said, “The reason the Chapman Center has a green roof on 50% of its roof is because it is a city of Chicago requirement which was not in place when our last building, being Alumni Student Center, was built.”

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