City Escapes: better hot chocolate than powdered

by Bethany Kay, staff writer

Looking to escape the cold weather and cozy up to something creamy and delicious? Well, don’t settle for the Swiss Miss this wintry season. Instead, check out some of these hot chocolate places within walking distance of Moody.

Fro-yo is getting a slight makeover at Forever Yogurt, located on Chicago Avenue. Just in time for winter, the shop has unveiled their new hot chocolate line-up, called “Froth.” They make their delicious, original hot chocolate, called the Steam Engine, by melting chocolate in milk. You can also choose a Cliffhanger (with Andes mints), a PB Confidential (with Reese’s peanut butter cups) or a Hazelnut Boulevard (with Nutella). But don’t stop there. When you have your cup, you can add any of their toppings, including heath bar, sprinkles, almonds, three types of marshmallows and more.

XOCO (pronounced “choco”; Mexican slang for “little sister”) is located on Clark Street and Grand Avenue. Unique to XOCO is their tasty Mexican hot chocolate, ground from Mexican cacao beans in the store. Their selection includes other delicious treats like the Almendrado (a chocolate shot with almond milk), the Aztec (chocolate, water, chili and allspice), and the classic (chocolate and two-percent milk).

For a third hot chocolate option, check out Kilwins, located on Wells Street in Old Town. They also prepare their rich hot chocolate by melting chocolate in steamed milk, finishing it off with whipped cream and chocolate flakes. Enjoy a seat in the back of the store, or browse through their collection of candies and fudges.

Also check out many of the other places that serve hot chocolate in the city, including Pierrot Gourmet inside the Peninsula Hotel on Superior Street, Hot Chocolate on Damen Avenue, or Vosges Haut-Chocolat on Armitage Street.

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