Coffee shop artist Redding tells of pictures waking the soul

by Chris Burdick, copy editor

With a heart for missions, theology and ministry, Meredith Redding is not simply an artist; she is a communicator with a passion for people. This senior Bible major explained that art is a tool you carry with you; it can be applied to nearly any setting in a way that tears down barriers and subtly introduces truth.

In recent years, Redding’s artwork has been focused on campus activities, including SMF posters and t-shirts as well as different functional Joe’s displays. She said that she loves serving the Moody community in this way, but she prefers creating more focused artwork.

High school is where Redding received most of her formal training, focusing primarily on painting and drawing. In a senior-year project, she was tasked with creating a series of works concentrated on a single theme. She chose to make a progression from dark to light, communicating with images the tension between pain and beauty. The project was intended to be evangelistic in nature, and she said, “It’s like writing a book for one to read. It’s meant to communicate something.”

In this case, Redding was able to communicate gospel truth to a family friend. This woman was familiar with the gospel, but had difficulty understanding its implications. In discussing the message and theme behind her work, Redding broke through some of the woman’s misunderstanding. She explained, “Pictures can sometimes awake in the human soul so much more than a word could.”

Recently Redding finished an internship where she taught art to little kids. She based her lessons on Bible stories and told the kids to tell the story through their work. “I saw so much through these kids,” she said. “I grew as an artist just seeing the world as they did.” This work is what she enjoys most. As she looks to future ministry, she explained, “I would love to use art in a way that just loves on people.”


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