Counseling Services in Tune with Students

by Natasha Garrido, correspondent


Moody provides an array of counseling groups designed to provide support for various issues and needs of its students. One of Moody’s counselors, Holly Porter, says, “The intent of (these) groups is to provide a broader range of accessible counseling opportunities for students, help to bring down the overall stress levels within the student body, and support emotional connection with your peers –– something you can’t do in individual counseling as easily.”

The groups range from Interpersonal Resiliency, which helps students overcome trauma and personal crisis, to Rational Relating, which focuses on how to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Associate Dean for Counseling Services Steve Brasel said the groups are determined by the ability of Moody’s available counselors and by common needs expressed by students.

“Given the high volume of requests we receive, we try to offer several groups per year in order to serve more students,” he said.

Another of these counseling groups is Third Culture Kids. Laura Reimer, the counselor leading this group, said she began the group to help students deal with cross-cultural transition and the trauma and heartache it often brings.

Reimer said the group has given third-culture kids a place of belonging and stability. The group, she said, focuses on how others in the past have worked through the challenge of transition, how the students can learn from the experience, and how they can then go on to share their knowledge with others

“This allows them to go into other aspects of Moody life stronger and more supported,” she said.

According to Brasel, the counseling department is taking steps to address proper coping methods and stress management. For more information on specific counseling services, contact

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