Culture fair offers taste of heaven

by Andrew Cullen correspondent

On Feb. 15, the International Student Fellowship (ISF) hosted its annual culture fair. From 6-9 p.m., ASC 2 was decorated in a myriad of colors as hundreds of students came to get a taste of 20 different cultures represented in the Moody student body.

International students prepared and presented their cultures through authentic food, traditional dances, informational presentations and martial arts performances.

“I had a lot of fun working as a team to plan and orchestrate the event,” said Argolida Kela, sophomore communications major and vice president of ISF.

“I liked how different each culture was and also the beautiful similarities between them,” said Brittany Baxter, sophomore intercultural ministries major. “A smile still has the same meaning on the west side of the world as it does on the east.”

Kela added, “It was very enjoyable to see everyone’s responses to different countries’ presentations.”

One of the most popular aspects of the event was the food and drink. From Korean noodles to Romanian sausages, students had a wide range of foods to sample. Greek baklava was among one of the most popular foods.

“I loved tasting all of the different foods from all over the world,” Joabe Andrade II, freshman theology major, said. “I loved that we international students and missionary kids could show off our cultural backgrounds with our peers and give them a taste of our homes.”

Although the food was a highlight of the night, Kela said, “Culture is not defined by its food, but what they do and how they live life. The presentations, dancing, games and interesting facts about different countries are what make them unique.”

The culture fair provided a canvas for each country to paint a part of a beautiful picture of the world. “The culture fair incorporated different dances, games and food together in one place,” Baxter said. “Food is a major part of culture, but so are the different pastimes and activities that each country enjoys. Seeing those two things together was exciting.”

Andrade said, “The culture fair is a picture of what it’s going to be like in the new heaven and new earth where we will all gather in one body and express our love and adoration of God but through our distinct cultural expressions.” 

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