The following list was compiled by Dr. Rosalie de Rosset for Midday Connection’s Book Club:


Anderson, Sherwood.  Winesburg, Ohio (on small town America)
Angelou, Maya.  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Bradbury, Ray.  Fahrenheit 451
Buck, Pearl.  The Good Earth
Cather, Willa.  My Antonia;  Death Comes to the Archbishop
Cooper, James Fenimore.  The Last of the Mohicans
Crane, Stephen.  The Red Badge of Courage
Dreiser, Theodore.  An American Tragedy; Sister Carrie
Emerson, Ralph Waldo.
Faulkner, William. As I Lay Dying; Absalom; Abslom; The Sound and the Fury
Fitzgerald, F. Scott.  The Great Gatsby
Gaines, Ernest.  A Lesson Before Dying
Hamilton, Jane.  A Map of the World (1990’s)
Hanson, Ron.  Mariette in Ecstasy (1990’s)
Hawthorne, Nathaniel.  The Scarlet Letter; The House of Seven Gables; Short Stories*
Hemingway, Ernest.  The Old Man and the Sea;  A Farewell to Arms; etc.
Herbert, Frank.  Dune
Hurston, Zora Neale.  Their Eyes Were Watching God
Keillor, Garrison.  Lake Woebegone Days 
Kennedy, John O’Toole.  The Neon Bible; Confederacy of Dunces
Kennedy, William.  Ironweed
Kennedy, Susan.  In Another Country
Kesey, Ron.  One Flew  Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Kingsolver, Barbara.  The Poisonwood Bible (1990’s)
Lee, Harper.  To Kill a Mockingbird
Lewis, Sinclair.  Main Street; Babbitt (on small town America)
London, Jack.  The Call of the Wild
Lowery, Lois.  The Giver; Number the Stars (young adult)
Macleish, Archibald.  J.B. (takeoff on Job)
Malamud, Bernard.  The Fixer
Melville, Herman.  Moby Dick*; Billy Budd*
Morrison, Toni.  The Bluest Eye; Song of Solomon
O’Henry.  Short Stories
Poe, Edgar Allen.  Short Stories; Poetry
Potok, Chaim.  The Chosen; The Promise; My Name is Asher Lev;  Davita’s Harp
Rand, Ayn.  Atlas Shrugged; Anthem; The Fountainhead
Reynolds, Sherri.  The Rapture of Canaan (1990’s)
Robinson, Mary Lynn. Housekeeping
Russell, Mary Doria.  The Sparrow;* Children of God (1990’s)
Salinger, J.D.  Franny & Zoey; Catcher in the Rye
Schaefer, Jack.  Shane*
Sinclair, Upton.  The Jungle; The Octopus
Stegner, Wallace.  Crossing to Safety
Steinbeck, John.  The Grapes of Wrath; East of Eden; Of Mice and Men;  The Red Pony
Susskind, Patric.  Pigeon
Tartt, Donna. The Secret History, My Little Friend
Twain, Mark.  Huckleberry Finn; Tom Sawyer  
Tyler, Anne.  Dinner at Homesick Restaurant; The Accidental Tourist
Vonnegut, Kurt.  Slaughterhouse 5; etc.
Walker, Alice.  The Color Purple
Wallant, Edward.  Children At the Gate; The Pawnbroker
Wharton, Edith.  Ethan Frome; The House of Mirth; The Age of Innocence
Wilder, Thornton.  Bridge of San Luis Rey; Our Town (drama)

*Indicates the work is written under Christian influence or has Christian overtones

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