Dr. Cirafesi Retires

by Natasha Garrido, correspondent

Professor , the head of the TESOL program, is retiring at the end of the semester after 17 years at Moody.

Cirafesi said that he came to Moody after a conversation with Professor Clark’s son, Jeremy. While coaching football together, Cirafesi told Jeremy that he was searching for a place where he could teach both ESL and disciple-making and be involved with missions.

“Jeremy mentioned that to his dad and it just so happened that Moody was looking for an ESL prof for the Missions Department and they would allow me to teach disciple-making,” Cirafesi said. “A perfect match!”

When he retires, Cirafesi plans on continuing in a ministry in which he and his wife already serve.

“Connie and I worked for over 25 years with The Navigators, which is a ministry focused on evangelism and disciple-making,” he explained. “I want to use the time and energy that I have to continue to help the Body of Christ in those two areas.”

Cirafesi said that the students at Moody are the best part of teaching at the school.

“I have loved being a part of their lives and there certainly will be a void in my heart when I am no longer able to see them daily,” he said. “Students that know me know that I have emphasized over the years the priority of deepening their fellowship with Christ. Everything else should flow from that. It’s easy here at Moody for their walk with Him to become academic and shallow. All I can say is, you will never regret developing intimacy with Jesus Christ!”

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