In the twilight of day two: who are the newest Moody students?

by Lucas Somma, arts and culture editor

“I’m broken,” said Tyler Jones, a freshman pastoral studies major. “God saved me.”

In the twilight of day two at Moody, Jones was supremely careful to describe himself with humility. Refraining from even describing his personality, he exclusively used language that reflects his relationship with the Almighty, the most important part of who he is.

            Just two days into his Moody career Jones had already begun to identify some areas for growth. He admitted that living in this type of community is new for him. A natural evangelist, he is accustomed to constantly sharing his faith with those who do not profess to be Christians.

by Mark Rohan

“I’m in home base,” he said of his newfound community. “I can take a deep breath here.”

            Living previously in both Streamwood, IL and St. Charles, IL as a real estate agent’s assistant, Jones’s life has dramatically shifted this week. His life back home consisted primarily of work—where he advertised for a real estate agent—fellowship, and attending open mic nights to rap about his faith.

Before summer’s end, he spent much of his time living with a couple he met from church and studying the works of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. Though he didn’t grow up attending church, it recently became a significant aspect of his life.

Jones noted that he misses his family, yet contrasted this with talk of a very different kind of family—those whom he considers to be his brothers and sisters. Though he previously attended a Christian liberal arts college, Jones said he senses there is true camaraderie at this campus. He believes that he is being taught alongside and from members of a spiritual family.

In all his experiences so far, Jones only presents one bit of exhortation to the administration.

 “I love them. I’m grateful to them,” he said. “They should invest more in strawberry ice cream in the lunchroom.”


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