International Student Overcomes Cultural Challenges

by Christopher Newby, web editor

August has arrived at Moody Bible Institute once again, and with it have come hundreds of students from all over the world. Being an international student comes with challenges said Ayanda Khumalo, a graduate student studying intercultural and urban ministries, but also comes with blessings.

            Originally from Zimbabwe, Khumalo , also known as TK, said that right off the bat there were difficulties with coming to Moody from so far away.

“[The application process] was tedious and exhausting”, he said. Specifically, the “different time zones” made all correspondence with Moody difficult to achieve.

            While he felt incredibly excited to come to Moody once he was accepted, the challenges did not end with the application process.

“Different culture, specifically [American’s] need for personal bubble space” were among some of the challenges that Khumalo said he had to adjust to when he moved to Chicago. He also said that adjusting to food in the United States was quite difficult at first.

            However, Khumalo said that the Lord has used these challenges “To keep [me] engaging and learning more about various cultures and why they do what they do.”

Going to school at Moody has given Khumalo the ability to interact with believers and non-believers of all different kinds of backgrounds. While at Moody, Khumalo said he has been “interacting and having deep conversations with various believers from different ethnic, cultural and theological backgrounds from across the world.”

            While Khumalo has loved his time at Moody and in Chicago, his heart is burdened for Africa.

“I plan to go wherever the Lord wills me to go,” he said, “[and] I do know that I will definitely, and currently do, pour into the people of Africa.”

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