Letter to the editor: Day One Response

by Andrew Flores staff writer

In response to the “Is Day One a Façade” opinion piece in issue 81.7, I think the writer has misunderstood what Day One actually is, who is involved and whom it is for. As a student ambassador with the admissions office, I can clarify some of these misunderstandings.

Day One is not and has never been for current students; you are not the audience. Current students don’t need to be invited to a day on campus because you already live here. Why should you be invited to your
own home?

The only interaction most of the student body has with Day One visitors is in chapel. Day One chapel is usually more exuberant, but do we ever have “normal” chapels? Every week is a different speaker, topic, musical group, etc. Day One is just another type of chapel we experience throughout the school year.

As the student body goes through their day, they don’t see the 40 to 60 student ambassadors with the Day One visitors interacting with each family and potential student, answering questions,and getting to know these potential future Moody students. As potential students sit through classes, parents are asking questions of a panel of department heads about safety, student life, student activities
and academics.

After class, students are reunited with their parents and are able to ask questions of a student panel. These questions can be about PCM, church attendance, dorm life, city life, the SDR and other such topics. Throughout the day, “Day Oner’s” are given a campus tour and a chance to see a dorm room hosted
by ambassadors.

What visitors experience on Day One may not particularly be a normal day at Moody, but they do interact with current students and are able to ask any question they have about Moody. As ambassadors show them around campus, take them to class, sit with them at lunch and through chapel, and show them their rooms, visitors are able to hear what our current students have experienced
on campus.

So to answer your question, Is Day One a facade? The answer is no.

If you’re interested in being a student ambassador, email campusvisits@moody.edu for an application.   

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