Letter to the editor: Prohibition


My name is Laura, and I was very impressed with the article in this past Moody Standard entitled “Let’s Talk Prohibition.” It is something that should be addressed, and I am glad you wrote about alcohol with such a humble spirit. I am 21 and getting married this summer, and I am from a family that drinks in moderation. I have had lots of conversations about what to do about alcohol at my wedding. We would do only beer and wine, and that is customary especially on my family’s side. I can’t drink it of course, but I have had many conversations with my parents and fiancé about it. The end decision that my fiancé and I presented to my parents was we do not want alcohol at our wedding. Other than feeling a little tacky, this decision makes me sad because I almost feel as though it was made to placate those who wrongly interpret scripture and say that all consumption of alcohol is wrong. I know that as conservative Christians we are prone to think more legalistically and less like ones who are free in Christ. I understand about loving the body, and helping weaker brothers by not creating stumbling blocks for them. But, in my experience, it has been more mature believers who think that alcohol is wrong who are the ones causing the shunning of those who drink. It is legalistic and judgmental to impose those beliefs, and as with anything else alcohol is perfectly appropriate in moderation and a sin in excess. I understand certain issues that a college campus has to deal with in their alcohol policy, but I hate seeing that the Church has imposed certain laws on each other that Christ never intended to be there.

So anyway, thank you for your words, and I just had to shoot you an email and tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to write about this issue. It was a breath of fresh air.

Keep up the great work,


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