Micah Stinchfield: Moody mourns one of our own

The Moody Standard staff grieves with the family and friends of student Micah Stinchfield, who died on Jan. 26, 2013 due to a swimming related accident. We have been, and continually will be, in prayer for Micah’s family and friends, as well as for our Moody community as we go through this together.

Micah Stinchfield was an exceptional musician. Although only here for one semester, he had an extraordinary impact on the Symphonic Band and music department. He had a heart for ministry and was always making music – if not with his violin, then on the piano or even the recorder, usually with a heathy dose of laughter. The beauty of his music, his love for people, the excellence of his character, and his bright smile will be greatly missed.”

— Dr. David GaugerDirector of the Moody Symphonic Band

For more information, go to http://www.moodyministries.net/crp_NewsDetail.aspx?id=102574.

If you would like to contribute a few words in memory of Micah, feel free to comment below.

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    1. A.R.O

      January 23, 2014

      Micah happened to be my cousin, and though I did not know him as well as my older brother, I enjoyed spending time with him. When I was younger, he was always very patient with me, and allowed me to try and play his violin. He recognized my love for the violin, and graciously gave me his old one a month before he died. He has always put others before himself, and in everything he did, he changed people’s hearts. He had such amazing trust and faith in God, and he was so inspiring with his music. I will always miss him.

      This year, on the day of his death, I play for my first recital, and it is my Memorial to him.


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