Moody Welcomes New RAs, Says Goodbye to Old Ones

by Kai Newell, correspondent

As the semester draws to a close, students across campus prepare to say goodbye to floormates. With the senior class preparing to graduate, many floors will be left without Residential Assistants (RAs). Yet Moody is filled with willing, qualified individuals ready fill those positions.

Cameron Warfield is one of those individuals. The pastoral studies student is only a freshman, but he said he feels more than ready to step into a position of leadership as the RA of Dryer three this fall.

“I just feel as though I have enough life experience to help people going through the growing period that is college,” Warfield said. “I’m 23, so I’ve been through a lot. Being an RA feels like the perfect opportunity to get to know 18- or 19-year-old students and walk alongside them. I feel like it’s my responsibility to be present and be around. I want to have an open door for anyone who wants to take advantage of it.””

With the transition into leadership, there is an element of bitter sweetness for Warfield. He said that if he hadn’t gotten the RA position, he would have stayed on Culby six. Though he’s only lived on Culby 6 for a year, the floor has a special place in his heart.

“I’m going to miss the guys,” he said. “The guys and the tradition. Being a sixer is something we cherish.”

Ian Troll is someone Warfield will miss once he moves to Dryer. The current RA of Culby 6, Troll is a senior theology major from Des Moines, Iowa who has lived on the floor for the past two years and Culby three for the two years before that.  

Being the RA of Culby six has been a formative time for Troll.

“The people here have made me laugh so hard over the past two years,” he said. “I think I will also miss the widespread growth happening all at once. You can start in the fall and finish in the spring and if you take some time to be mindful, you can see the growth happen in some of the individuals and that is pretty special.”

Troll spoke of the wacky memories he holds fondly, such as Mancakes, Sauna Night, and most recently convincing the floor to play a bunch of games with fruit because they didn’t have the budget for anything else.

The position was not without its difficulties.

“Being an RA puts you in the front row seat for a lot of the pain and difficult things going on in people’s lives,” Troll said. “It’s a place I want to be, but it has been difficult. Ultimately, it has taught me greater reliance on the Lord.”

Troll’s advice to the incoming RAs is to be themselves and not a replica of the previous RA.

“Don’t be afraid to do things differently, and in that, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Try things out.” Troll also suggested that praying for your floor is the best thing you can do.

“It’s a lot harder to be mad at people you’re praying for,” he said. “Invest in the relationships and stick it out.”

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