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New Associate Dean of Students announced

by Andrew Flores staff writer

Many students already know Rachel Monfette. You’ve probably received several emails from her regarding housing or turned in your off-campus housing forms to her office. But as of March 1, 2016, Monfette is the new Associate Dean of Students.

This new role was created last year when it was announced that Dean Arens was promoted to Vice President and Dean of Student Life. Arens’ new position oversees not just Moody’s Chicago campus, but also Moody’s campuses in Spokane, Wash.; Plymouth, Mich.; and distance learning.

Monfette has been an employee at Moody for over eight years, with seven years in Student Development. Her new role will have a blend of responsibilities. Monfette will oversee chapel, new student orientation and aspects of Title IX.

Regarding new ideas for chapel in the coming year, Monfette said, “I would really like to see a theme for the year. I’ll be scheduling who will speak in Chapel and leading the chapel committee made up [of] faculty members. [I’d like to] give more shape and vision, but also think about the curriculum and strategically map that out for students.”

Monfette said she wants to see more women speaking in chapel and speakers with different perspectives. “At the college level that’s definitely something we want to interact with, even as a Christian institution,” Monfette said. “I think it’s important to be aware of those ideas and be able to engage them from a faith
that’s integrated.”

After speaking with other faculty, Monfette decided she wants to help students better focus on God in a culture full of distractions. She said chapel can be used to help students slow down and have more of an awareness of what is going around them, and stop to reflect and focus on what God is doing. 

New Student Orientation will also see some changes.

“I’ll be responsible for the curriculum and people who will lead the orientation groups,” Monfette said. “I would love to see New Student Orientation have a little bit more of an emphasis in getting to know your context within Chicago
and self-awareness.”

Monfette said she wants these aspects to be more explicit and emphasized throughout New Student Orientation. New activities will be added to help students
with self-reflection.

With this new role, Monfette will be the first single woman to oversee chapel and its responsibilities. “There’s not a lot of single women representative in leadership,” she said. “I think that communicates a strong value at Moody to have this leadership role and it values my voice and opinions. I’m very grateful for that … and feel very affirmed in that.”

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