Persson starts strong for men’s soccer

by Brendan Carlton, correspondent

Joshua Persson, freshman biblical studies major, has a long line of Moody connections in his family. Both his grandmother and grandfather graduated from Moody. His father also graduated from Moody, and his mother attended for a semester. In addition, two uncles and a cousin are Moody alumni. Further, his (fraternal) twin brother is currently a student at the Institute. That made the choice of Moody over Liberty University easy for the soccer player from Little Rock, Ark. Persson noted that growing up in a primarily football-oriented state has its perks for a soccer player, since a person who is good at soccer on any level will get noticed.

Persson scored the first two goals of his Moody career in the same game at Benedictine. He settled a cross and shot the first goal in the third minute and then, later in the same game scored his second goal as full time approached. ”Through my first three games, I hadn’t gotten many shots. It was great to get two goals in one game and get that out of the way and realize that I can score and contribute to the team when they need it.”

Persson said he started playing soccer because his father, who also played soccer at Moody under Coach Harding, encouraged him into it. The most difficult part of his week is the conditioning. He is always being asked to push harder and faster in the practices. He also said that the most spiritual aspect of his play is in reacting to the circumstances of being a soccer player. “Every call is not going to go your way, the ref is not perfect, and how you react to that is key to letting others know about your Christian character,” he said.

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