Senior uses music for personal and corporate growth

by Chris Lieberman correspondent

The choice was one or the other: sports or music. When senior theology major Jon Rosado was given this decision by his parents at age 13, he never could have guessed that the path his answer would put him on would lead him to join a band, attend Moody Bible Institute and pursue a career in music. Once Rosado chose music, he never looked back.

It was at this time that Rosado began taking lessons on his primary instrument, the acoustic guitar. However, even then he was no stranger to music. Having picked up the drums at age eight, he had also tried his hand at instruments such as the piano and harmonica. Today, eight years after his decision to begin guitar lessons, Rosado is looking to use his lifelong passion for music to reach the world for Christ.

During his time at Moody, Rosado has had many opportunities to use his gifts. He has played in Joe’s and at Thursday Night Praise, and he also leads worship at North Maine Community Church in Rosemont.

However, his goal in playing music is not simply to display his talent, but to point others to Christ. For Rosado, worship is a window to speak the Gospel into people’s lives. He explained, “Music says things words can’t. Music touches people in a way they haven’t been reached before.”

Before Moody, Rosado used his gifts to lead worship at his local church and youth group in Miami. There he formed a worship team with his best friend and brothers. However, there were not very many worship teams in Miami, so other churches and youth groups began asking his team to lead worship. Before he knew it, Rosado’s worship team was touring churches all over Miami, becoming something of a hybrid between a band and worship team, opening the door for ministry.

Music also has had a profound effect on Rosado personally. He says it has taught him to never stop learning, to always grow in faith and to never be satisfied with where he is. Just as in music, you can always be improving spiritually. The more you learn and grow, the better you get.

As a senior nearing graduation this May, Rosado is hoping to make a career out of music. He and his band, “The Next Best Thing,” released their first demo on Christmas day 2012. They plan on spending the upcoming months, particularly after graduation, writing, recording and touring. Many have already asked him to tour.

Rosado simply describes his band by saying, “We love God, and we love music.” Anyone who gets to know him knows that this is genuine. For Rosado, music is more than a hobby or talent. As he says, “Music is both a passion and an avenue to worship God.”

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