Smash Bros at MBI

by Andrew Hinkle, correspondent

Moody has a new club on its campus, and it’s all about a video game. Dylan Rudolph and Caleb Cooley, both sophomore biblical studies majors, are the co-leaders of MBI Smash, a recently amassed group that’s solely dedicated to the enjoyment of the cult-classic game Super Smash Bros.

“What made me want to get this started was our desire to be a fun outlet to play and enjoy the game of Super Smash Bros.,” Rudolph said. “I just want something for people to gather around and blow off some steam.”

Cooley said part of his inspiration occurred in Culby 1. “I would go down to Culby 1. I would set up my computer,” he said. “I would just play Super Smash Bros hoping someone would play with me, because that’s one of my hobbies.”

The Smash Bros’ meta-community, from childhood hangouts to Reddit pages entirely dedicated to the game, has been garnering a diverse fan base ever since its Nintendo ‘64 inception. Since then, the game has undergone several iterations spanning 15 years, including five unique generations of gaming consoles.

The game offers players a choice of curated fighters derived from Nintendo’s expansive avatar universe. Players are pitted against each other, fighting to knock each other off.

Though the controls appear simple enough, giving players the ability to move only up and down or side to side, Cooley said that simplicity is deceptive.

“There’s a laundry list of technical stuff that you can do [which] increases the depth of the game to a ridiculous degree, to where it’s like chess,” he said.

Rudolph agreed. “Gimping, wave-dashing, perfect-shielding, shield breaks, those are complex things to enact within a game, and for people who want a challenge to the game, that’s totally open to them,” he said. “But for people who are just ‘Average Joes,’ you don’t have to worry about that.”

Though the club caters to serious fans, Cooley and Rudolph said their group is for all kinds of gamers: “People who are really invested in the game and just people who want to play to have fun and anywhere in between that spectrum,” said Cooley.

“MBI Smash” is the name of the group’s Facebook page. Future events and additional information will be routinely updated on the page. Perhaps a first on Moody’s campus, Rudolph and Cooley hope to establish a sub-community gathered around the Nintendo classic, Super Smash Bros.

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