Student’s Study Abroad Experience in Germany

by Monica Friesen news layout editor

Interview with Rachel Hart, August 17, 2015

Moody offers students many opportunities for new experiences and adventures with Study Abroad. Rachel Hart was one such student this last summer in Germany, her home country for six years while her dad was a chaplain with the US military. One of her the highlights was seeing Germany with a group of Americans and allowing herself to be a tourist in her own country. She said loved sharing German culture with her classmates as someone with an inside scoop on how things were done.

It wasn’t the German culture that Hart loved most about the trip, though. “The main thing for me was the people,” she said, referring to German believers, Moody professors, fellow students and people on the street.

While in Germany Hart was able to attend “Awakening Europe,” a conference for thousands of Christians from around Europe and the world. She said what stood out to her was the passion those Christians had to see their countries experience revival.

“God is still working, and He’s still sovereign, and He’s still working in His people and there are thousands of Christians in Europe who are praying desperately to have their countries return to Christ.”

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