Study Abroad: UK/ Ireland

by Wyatt English, correspondent

This past summer, students from Moody spent two and a half months traveling around the United Kingdom and Ireland. While on tour, students visited historic locations such as Edinburgh, Oxford, Belfast, and Ireland proper.

Holly Rittenhouse, junior intercultural ministries major, first heard about the UK trip while attending her major chapel at Moody. She said she was instantly interested in going, but thought that the cost would be too prohibitive. After consulting with an advisor, she discovered that the trip would cost her less than a semester on campus.

Rittenhouse described being in awe of the rich and varied cities she visited, though her time at Magdalen College in Oxford stood out specifically. Rittenhouse described the natural beauty and imposing architecture of the college grounds, noting especially the beauty of “Addison’s Walk.” Addison’s Walk follows the path of the Cherwell river along the triangular outline of the campus meadow, where the campus maintains a garden dedicated to the college’s fellows.

While visiting the college, students took a class studying the literary works of one of Magdalen’s distinguished former professors, C. S. Lewis. The class covered Lewis’ works of fiction and his essays surveying topics of faith. Rittenhouse said that this foray into the works of Lewis was made more meaningful by her time at Magdalen.

Rittenhouse also highlighted the trip’s relational component, describing an unprecedented closeness with fellow students and with the faculty who accompanied the students. She explained that the whole trip was drama-free and that the relationships she built have been real and enduring.

Rittenhouse encouraged everyone to look into studying abroad, citing unique experiences and a low price point as things to consider. She also said that because of the time she spent studying in the United Kingdom and Ireland, she is currently on pace to graduate early.

If you are interested in studying abroad you can either email or talk to Miriam Mast from the study abroad office.

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