Moody study abroad program continues to expand global reach

by Jenna Reed correspondent

In the fall, spring or summer semester, Moody students can be found traveling around the world learning, ministering and immersing themselves in other cultures. Whether it be standing before the church doors in Wittenberg, Germany where Luther nailed his 95 theses, reading Acts 17 on top of Mars Hill in Athens where Paul himself stood, or tracing the steps of Jesus through Jerusalem, studying abroad has worlds to offer.

Saint Augustine is thought to have said, “The world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only one page.” Each page is vast and different, and Moody’s study abroad programs strive to read as many as possible.

To do so, Moody provides two types of Study Abroad trips: International Studies Program (ISP) and “Moody in…” programs. The ISP trips are done with partner schools in other countries, such as Italy, Jordan, Belfast and England. Dr. Quiggle, Dean of Study Abroad, said, “ISP trips provide an intense cultural experience through cultural immersion.”

The larger and more expansive “Moody in…” programs currently reach six countries. One of the newest additions to the program was the fall 2013 trip to Greece. This first “Moody in Greece” trip hosted 32 students, 11 of whom were from Moody’s Spokane campus.

photo courtesy of Jenna ReedSpokane student Ty Shaum, junior intercultural studies major, said, “I would recommend the Greece study abroad (or any study abroad opportunity) to anybody wanting a challenge or to learn something new about themselves, experience a new culture or most importantly learn about the Bible: where it was written and to whom it was written.” Dr. Quiggle confirmed that there are plans to continue the “Moody in Greece” program in the future.

Right now a group of Moody students is overseas tracing Jesus’ steps through Jerusalem in the “Moody in Israel” program. Five of those students were also in Greece last semester. Leah Dickinson, sophomore pre-counseling major, said the trip is changing both her worldview and her life. Marci Wiegman, junior intercultural studies major, puts it simply: “Everyone should do study abroad.”

Other trips include the summer trip through Europe that travels through Italy, Germany and Switzerland, and a spring trip in Germany. Kathryn O’Neal, sophomore theology major, went on the spring 2013 Germany trip; she said, “Seeing key pieces of history such as Heidelberg or Berlin suddenly helps you fit together parts of your story and your beliefs. Wherever abroad you may go, you will not regret it…”

In addition to these trips is the newest of the “Moody in…” programs: “Moody in England.” The England trip will be seven weeks this summer (2014) with opportunities to study British Literature with Dr. de Rosset, a theology elective, and a course on Islam taught by a faculty member of Redcliffe College, an English Bible college. The trip is $2,500 cheaper than the Europe trip and includes a summer school course and a voucher for an online class. The program is still accepting more students. Those who are interested should contact

“Moody in…” will be expanding to Kenya, Africa either in the fall of 2014 or summer/fall of 2015. Plans include hosting by Scott Christian University and a safari.

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