Studying Broader

by Brock Lockenour, correspondent

With the recent growth of the Study Abroad Program, the International Studies Program, and week-long trips, Moody students can explore the world without halting their academic careers and with more freedom than ever before.

In a semester of Moody’s official Study Abroad program, students study overseas and gain comparable credits to a Chicago campus-based semester, which often includes online vouchers for use when the students return from their three-month trip. A summer trip could even put students ahead academically and cause their future semesters to be lighter.

A Study Abroad semester is similar in price to a Chicago semester. Some students may qualify for Pell grants that apply directly to the trip, and the program was recently cleared to begin using a payment plan similar to the Chicago campus.

Program head Gregg Quiggle, professor of theology, said, “[On a Study Abroad Trip] you have experiences with professors that you can’t replicate [in Chicago]… you’re with a professor 24 hours a day.”

The locations offered vary each year. This past year Moody sent students to Greece, Germany, the UK and Ireland, Israel, Europe, and off the coast of Greece on a schooner.

A lesser known method of studying abroad is the International Studies Program, which enables students to study at one of several partner schools around the world. In this program, students retain their status as a Moody students, but study at a separate school under non-Moody professors.

Joel Hunt, sophomore communications major, is currently enrolled in the program, studying at Belfast Bible College in Belfast, Ireland with four other Moody students. He noted differences in the structure of the classes, such as mid-morning coffee and tea breaks for all classes, and that no classes are conducted on Friday. “I’ve always wanted to live abroad,” Hunt said. “And I’ve also always wanted to live somewhere in the U.K.”

Several week-long trips also exist for students to taste the broader world. Among these are PCM trips abroad, primarily missions trips during spring break. Students in choirs occasionally tour overseas as well, with tours lasting anywhere from a few weeks to a month. Non-Moody-related trips also present attractive options to Moody students; Passages, for example, sends participants on a tour of Israel at a low price during winter break.

“You have opportunities to be involved with evangelical churches all across the world,” Quiggle said. “It encourages [students] to be better prepared to serve the church and pray intelligently. I can’t imagine why anybody wouldn’t do it at least once.”

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