7th inning stretch: A short person with tall dreams

It was two years ago, around this time, that I was nearing the final stretch of my freshman year at Moody Spokane. I changed more that year than any other and had no idea

7th Inning Stretch: Living in spite of our regrets

by Katrina Palazuelos Rico sports editor Nowadays everyone seems to have #noregrets. My friends and I love to poke fun at this hashtag. Really, no regrets, not ever? Liars. I wish I had no regrets in life, but

7th Inning Stretch: “…And I am glad”

6:30 a.m. on New Years Day, I found myself at the airport ready to take off for Passion 2013 with a large group of friends from my church. This gathering at the Georgia Dome

7th Inning Stretch: A hardly starry night

Galileo once said, “I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” As an astronomer, I believe he probably had an even greater appreciation for the heavens than your average

7th Inning Stretch: Beyond the finish line

If there’s one thing that will make you feel athletically inferior, it’s watching the Olympics. Having grown up playing soccer my whole life, watching olympians often made me envy their skill and extreme dedication

7th Inning Stretch: Recline on your black inner tube

Those who read my last column might remember my advice to “find rest in the peace that God gladly offers and in who He has made you to be.” Since I wrote that, I

7th inning stretch: Greater than 160 characters

It was as simple as including the hashtag #GoDbacks, and my own unique one pleading #Putmeonthejumbotron. I was sitting on the bleachers of Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona at my last Diamondbacks game of