Before I go | editorials

parting words from the former editor in chief by Margaret Tazioli former editor-in-chief After accepting the position as editor-in-chief for The Moody Standard last fall, I immediately turned to Google and asked “how to be a

Two Faced Christians | editorial

Monica Friesen nation & world layout editor I once heard a pastor describe Christians as having two faces: the face of a lion and the face of a lamb. Every Christian is to possess within herself

With full mouths | editorial

modified christianity | alternative views on a uniform system by Calvin Edwards editor-in-chief   Should one wish to do so, one could make a case that discontentment was mankind’s first sin. God placed Adam in the garden and supplied

Is day one a facade? | Opinions

Kevin Ricafort guest writer The banner flies unashamedly in front of the school. The balloons flutter from strings. The student dining room prepares to captivate students with extravagant aromas. Professors assemble extra handouts for the esteemed


by Casey Vanderstel staff writer We saw the posters go up, heard the announcement in chapel, and maybe even got a follow from their aesthetically pleasing Instagram account, but many Moody students know little

A self-portrait without a face

by Rachel Naffziger moody standard According to the Art Institute of Chicago, the “setting and attributes [of a painting] often offered clues to the sitter’s identity” in traditional portraits. Vincent Van Gogh painted at a time

MMPG releases

by Brennan McCarthy photo editor Moody Music Production Group (MMPG) has been hard at work producing music since last semester and shows no signs of slowing down, according to sopho-more communications major Taylor Phipps.

Language of the heart | column

The salience of translated truth by Rachel Naffziger moody standard   My grandma’s sleep had deteriorated since my grandpa died abruptly. “Pedro,”she would call in the middle of the night, but there was no one to answer. She’d

Life after acid attacks

Victims’ stories become a platform for courage by Lizzy Sullivan copy editor additional reporting from Hannah Sudhakar Eighteen-year-old Reshma Quereshi smiles brightly as she gives her video makeup tutorials, confident as any other makeup artist her age.

America’s annual slave trade

by Megan Wohlers correspondent What images come to mind when you think of the Super Bowl? If you love sports, maybe you think of barbecued chicken, fried chicken wings, friends, family and the excitement of