Men’s soccer player leaves school for mission field

by Jon Forsythe sports editor Adam Powlus stepped on Moody’s campus like most freshmen last August — eyes gleaming with expectation and suitcases bulging with remnants of his past life. Little did he know that

Student holds juggling world records

by Sarah Burns features layout editor There are jugglers, and then there are professional jugglers. Andrew Hodge, sophomore applied linguistics major, is among the professional crowd. Hodge, the third oldest child of five, comes from

Student discusses skateboarding as avenue for ministry

by Chris Lieberman correspondent Skateboarding did not figure to play much of a role in the life of Tyler Joldersma, junior Bible secondary education major. He skated a bit in middle school, but did not

Sports ministry professor recounts African basketball involvement

by Joshua Chang correspondent Not many would guess that Moody Bible Institute has a Division I women’s basketball player on faculty. Sports ministry professor Dana Daly’s Lifetime Fitness course is widely considered one of the most

Alumnus provides spiritual counsel at University of Missouri

by Chris Lieberman correspondent Growing up in Wisconsin, 2005 Moody graduate Kyle Wenig was a self-proclaimed sports junkie. Whether it was playing high school football or watching his favorite pro teams on TV, Wenig said,

Freedom Riders complete cross-country bike ride

by Jenna Reed features editor A journey 45 days long, over 3,000 miles, an impressive feat: biking across the country. This summer, five Moody students completed this extraordinary ride, beginning the trek with their back

Summer sports programs open doors for urban youth

by Blake McCormick correspondent When asked why he kept returning to Kids Across America (KAA) summer sports camp, Chicago resident Cedric said, “Man, this place is paradise. At camp I’ve got nothing holding me back

Moody Debate Society contends with top schools, articulates truth

by Katherine Getchell correspondent On par with intellectual astute schools such as Harvard, MIT and Stanford, the Moody Debate Society (MDS) strives to personify Christian conduct, making them stand out in the generally shrewd world

Student founds volleyball club strives to reach inner city youth

by Blake McCormick correspondent After performing a survey on the top influential people in a developing child’s life, the USA Volleyball Association determined that sports coaches made it on the top five list. Last year,

Moody alumnus boards across the world for Jesus

by Blake McCormick correspondent Contrary to popular belief, not every Moody graduate finds himself or herself working at a church or going to grad school right after their time in Chicago. Often, God uses other