Artist Next Door: Eli Hartwig

by Brock Lockenour, correspondent Eli Hartwig is a believer in the power of art for ministry. As a ministry to victims of sexual exploitation major, with a passion for overseas missions, she’s left murals in five

The art of telling stories through faces

by Sarah Burns art & culture layout editor Brainstorming. Determining. Sketching. Erasing. Perfecting. Admiring. This process, or one similar to it, is something that Alyssa MchIlhany, freshman evangelism and discipleship major, experiences on a daily basis —

Roots: getting to know Brian Gangwish

by Brennan McCarthy staff writer Those who walked into Joe’s Live on Sept. 21 saw Moody students bobbing their heads and listening intently to rapper Brian Gangwish, a singer/musician from Gibbon, Neb. Gangwish, a senior

Artist Next Door: Music from the body, for the body

by Jenna Reed features editor “Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed.” We have recited these words many times and sung them in choruses. But do we understand? Do we live like they are

Artist Next Door: Visionary painter pursuing art and ministry

by Rae Gregory correspondent In the Alsdorf Gallery at the Art Institute of Chicago sits a box, perfectly white, with a lotus flower etched with intricate detail on the side. Simple, pure and symbolic, it’s

Artist Next Door: Hyper-realist portraitist with plans for the future

by Rae Gregory correspondent On a chilly night at dusk, a yellow lamp reflects off the forest trees as cold air hits sophomore pre-counseling major Jeannette Kern’s nose. It’s scenes like these that Kern often

Artist Next Door: Composer seeks to join classical and contemporary

by Rachel Gregory correspondent Composer and musician Su Jin Kang has a huge heart for the power of melody, the arts and people. Kang, a junior music and worship major with an emphasis in composition,

Artist Next Door: Student director pursues connection and community

by Kelly Kuritar correspondent An advocate for words, Shelby Copple — senior communications major, writer and director — strives to connect communities through her writing. She recently directed “Other,” the fall play on campus,

Artist Next Door: Artist creates organic and original pieces

by Rae Gregory correspondent Raised in the serene South, Asia Tomeny — freshman pre-counseling major, graphic artist and illustrator — loves dramatic expression, particularly in faces. Drawing from a well of natural material and subject

Artist Next Door: Illustrator links abstraction and realism in unexpected ways

by Jenna Reed features editor In a large family-built home in a rural Alaskan valley, more than 500 birds are captured in photographs hanging on the walls. It’s in this home that illustrator Levi Homstad,