Two Faced Christians | editorial

Monica Friesen nation & world layout editor I once heard a pastor describe Christians as having two faces: the face of a lion and the face of a lamb. Every Christian is to possess within herself

Bughouse Square: Learning Shabbat

Maaike VanderMeer guest writer So much is familiar in this Sweeting classroom with its clean blackboard and fluorescent lights. Some desks are pushed together to make the long table we share. The food is

Optimism in the face of evil

Julia Ditoiu president of Kesher Imagine with me living in the United Kingdom in the year 1938. Hitler is in control of Germany and has begun expanding the Nazi regime. First he takes Austria and shortly

Bughouse Square: Responsibility before power

by Joabe Andrade II sophomore theology major “Peace in our time.” These were the words British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin declared when the Munich Agreement and the Anglo-German Declaration was signed. The treaty was supposed

Bughouse Square: Snowstorms in March

by Margaret Tazioli future editor-in-chief On March 23, 2015, three days after the arrival of spring, a storm dumped five inches of snow across Chicago. Everyone woke up to trees with icy branches and plow

Bughouse Square: Modeling church growth after the apostles

by Ben Wilson assistant professor of Bible Church growth is a popular topic within American church circles. You don’t have to search very hard to find blogs, books, consultants and conferences that exist to help

Bughouse Square: Singing the new ID blues

by Hannah Lantzy correspondent Reach into your pocket and pull out your student ID. Embrace that piece of plastic and love it with all of your heart. That piece of plastic is a student’s most

Bughouse Square: The wonder of manifestation

Christians are a wondering sort.  We are captivated by the wonders of God that cannot be fathomed (Job 5:9), rendered speechless by the wonders that God has done (Psalm 105:5). But “wonder” is an indefinite,

Bughouse Square: Discovering the manifestation of wonder

by Brandan Robertson class of 2014 A lot changes over the course of the four years a person spends at Moody. So much of what we are so certain of when we step on to

Bughouse Square: A Legacy of Generosity

by T.K., “Your semester balance is zero.” “Zero?! But I still have three months of payments to make!” Senior year, half way through the first semester, and I wasn’t sure where the money would come