Writer’s Block: To see and love the wounded

It’s overwhelming. I just walked down to the Houghton 3 lounge to give my mind a rest from writing the article on self-harm and from transcribing a student’s interview on her cutting experiences. Awhile before

Prevalence of cutting at Moody revealed, myths and motivations explained

by Jenna Pirrie editor-in-chief Would you want to know about it if someone down the hall from you was being physically harmed every day? What if the person causing the pain was themselves? According to an

Writer’s Block: When it doesn’t come naturally

I chose to attend Moody one night deep in the Shanghai skyline. Shanghai reminded me of downtown Chicago, and while walking around that Chinese city looking for last-minute souvenirs, I knew I wanted to

Adoption makes God’s plan clear for alumni

by Jenna Pirrie editor-in-chief Jarod and Jennifer Ebenhack didn’t expect to spend their first three years of married life living in a men’s dorm. They also never expected their international adoption of two Haitian boys

Hollywood legends pair up for romance and action in ‘63 technicolor film

by Jenna Pirrie editor-in-chief Take suspense, add spies and romance, set them in Paris and push Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant to the front of the action. What do you get? 113 minutes of fantastic

Papal office filled once again, students respond positively

photo from George Bog, PD

by Jenna Pirrie editor-in-chief Editor’s note: Due to the feedback this post has received, a clarification may be necessary. Neither this post, nor the views expressed in the quotes within, in any way represent the official views,

Students, alumni explore personal journeys with feminism through blogs

by Jenna Pirrie editor-in-chief On Feb. 26, tweets began appearing from Moody students and alumni with the hashtag #femfest. Feminisms Fest was a three day series of linkups (where one blogger hosts links to all

Writer’s Block: There’s a problem here, and it’s not the feminists

I am not a feminist. Or, at least, I don’t think I am. I’ve even been guilty, in the past, of rolling my eyes at the concept. My reaction was, in part, one I’d learned

Writer’s Block: Dream a little bigger, darling

by Jenna Pirrie editor-in-chief I’ve never been much of a dreamer. I’ve never had my head in the clouds, never been a castles-in-the-sky kind of girl. I didn’t grow up daydreaming about celebrity crushes or my

Writer’s Block: The trouble with your texts

You text a friend for a favor and get this response: “…yeah… sure.” How does this reply sound back in the recesses of your mind? Do you feel a note of annoyance, a twinge