Writer’s Block: So, tell me what you want

The freedom to be vocal about our opinions and to read about others’, is a precious thing. The sharing of opinions can validate us when we feel we’re alone in thinking the way we

Writer’s Block: Finding the communicator’s place in ministry

“After all, each of you is going into full-time ministry someday.” These words drove me crazy  in my Intro to Ministry class freshman year. Why did everyone seem to forget about communications majors? Sure,

Writer’s Block: Pitting “well-rounded” against authenticity

Exploring connections between life and communications Authenticity is a struggle in both writing and editing. Every writer thinks and writes differently, and when I edit an article, I have to remember that my voice is

Writer’s Block: Stepping beyond shallow questions

When writing a profile for the newspaper, I interview the subject from a long list of prepared questions—basic questions, unexpected questions, questions intended to guide our conversation—so I’ll have as much information as I

Writer’s Block

by Jenna Pirrie business manager I have never really stopped being surrounded by words. My grandfather worked as an editor for the majority of his career, and my mother is a freelance writer and editor.

Josiah Venture partners with students to bring gospel to Czech Republic

by Tina Krahling correspondent and Jenna Pirrie business manager The Czech Republic is one of the most atheistic countries in the world. Only recently freed from a communist government, this country has almost no Christian

Artist Next Door: Nathan Little

by Jenna Pirrie, business manager “I have the letter that I wrote to Disney when I was 13 years old telling them that I wanted to work there,” said Nathan Little, freshman evangelism and discipleship

Winter in Windy City: a survival guide to colder months

by Jenna Pirrie, business manager Surviving winter in Chicago is one giant game, and the only prize for winning is retaining your sanity (and fingers and toes). There are plenty of rules and essential strategies,

Storyteller since 11 writing fantasies, poems

“More than saying I’m an artist, I would say I’m a human, and I breathe, and sometimes as I breathe I begin to write.” -Noëlle Beck, artist and junior theology major.

Artist Next Door: Tony Robledo

Culby 18 RA writes honestly, paints secretly, designs with passion by Jenna Pirrie, staff writer Within Tony Robledo’s dorm room is a picture of the crucified hand of Christ made by hundreds of black-ink fingerprints, Robeldo’s