The Contour: Relearning creative refueling

Writing this column can be one of the most difficult tasks of my week. I find myself writing large-scale research papers with more ease than squeezing out five hundred words about nearly anything I

Student film features friendship, community

by Jenna Reed features editor The crew and cast of “Mr. Webb” paused on Saturday night and recognized a milestone for the communications department: a full theater performance by the crew of “The Boys Next

Incarnation: upcoming Clark and Johnson book

by Jenna Reed features editor They’re calling it “the supreme scandal at the center of the Christian confession.” The incarnation of God resulting in the so-called God-man Jesus Christ is one of the great mysteries

The Contour: The danger of mediocrity, a call to excellence

Mediocre: of moderate quality; not very good. Christian communities, in terms of their aesthetic taste, embody mediocrity more often than not. We tend to choose the safer, middle-of-the-road, uninspired mediocre piece over the edgy

The Contour: Exploring the excommunication of art from the church

There was a day when men and women encountered the majority of their artistic exposure within the walls of the church. But for many within evangelical Christendom today, blank walls stare back at blank

Magazine encourages women in leadership

by Jenna Reed features editor On Jan. 26th, the founders of the A21 Campaign launched a new magazine. In an age where women’s positions as leaders both within and outside the church are generally accepted,

The Contour: Becoming a better viewer

I’ve come to love art, but I didn’t always — at least not like this. Perhaps I’ve always had a sort of nominal appreciation, but there was a very specific experience that turned my

“Darling” turns a new page for magazine industry

by Jenna Reed features editor Fashion magazines have come under fire for years from critics for airbrushing and altering their images, creating unrealistic expectations for women. The talk has been big, but now there is

The Contour: The art of Thanksgiving

“Thank you” or some form of the phrase is likely one of the first things you learned to say. You (hopefully) say it multiple times a day. But as a child your mom probably

The Contour: Learning to see again

Much of art, both creating it and critiquing it, is about learning to see well. To draw an object, you first must be able to see it, take apart its shapes and understand perspective.