Video of Laquan McDonald’s murder spawns mass shooting threat at University of Chicago

by Jonathan Huang staff writer Last Monday, Nov. 30, following an online threat of a shooting at the University of Chicago, Hyde Park businesses and schools shut down due to safety concerns. “Based on the FBI’s assessment

Kayla Dutton returns from front lines of refugee crisis

by Jonathan Huang staff writer Equipped with a small notepad and a hefty backpack of photography gear, Kayla Dutton set out with Justin Macris, a Moody graduate and Hellenic Ministries media director, to Lesvos, a

Pope Francis addresses Congress on a historic visit to the U.S.

by Jonathan Huang staff writer On Sept. 24, Pope Francis delivered a speech to Congress, exhorting American lawmakers to unite against income inequality, the victimization of ethnic and religious minorities, the marginalization of the poor

The Iran crisis: deal or no deal?

by Jonathan Huang staff writer   The Iran nuclear deal developed in Vienna this past July after years of diplomacy and a final marathon of negotiation among senior diplomats from the six world powers: U.S., China, Russia,

Grant Park- a concrete haven for Chicagoans

by Jonathan Huang staff writer As the summer draws to a close, one of Grant Park’s latest innovations, a skate park, continues to bustle with young Chicagoans who congregate daily to ride its pewter-gray terrain. Located

President Obama secures votes for Iran deal

by Jonathan Huang staff writer   On Sept. 2, President Obama secured just enough support in Congress to all but ensure he can follow through with the implementation of a landmark nuclear agreement with Iran. The White House’s

Kesher hosts Iran deal panel discussion

by Jonathan Huang staff writer Monday night, September 14, Moody’s Kesher student group hosted a panel discussion titled “The Iran Nuclear Deal: What it means for Israel and the U.S.” The discussion was a response to the

Extra-alarm fires destroy Second City’s offices in Old Town

by Jonathan Huang staff writer A multiple-alarm fire destroyed the office apartments of Old Town’s famed Second City theatre company on Wednesday afternoon. Four firefighters were injured but listed in stable condition according to the

New email system revolving around Office 365

by Jonathan Huang staff writer “Advancing user experience” is the name of the game for Moody’s ITS Department, which recently upgraded the student email system from SunJava System Messenger Express to Office 365 Education for Students.

Great Commission: Missionary journalist tells God’s stories

by Jonathan Huang staff writer The latest headline of his blog reads “Storytelling is My Life.” Those who know journalist Lincoln Brunner will tell you there exists hardly any evidence to the contrary. After cutting