Sports as a universal language

The Moody Archers minister in Portugal by Monica Friesen layout editor Throughout their season, the Moody men’s basketball team has been using the universal language of sports to minister to teams in the Chicago area; this

This is home

The resilience of the Israeli people by Monica Friesen layout editor “Why stay? Why not move to a different part of Israel?” These are the questions that burned in my mind as I listened to Chen Kotler

Two Faced Christians | editorial

Monica Friesen nation & world layout editor I once heard a pastor describe Christians as having two faces: the face of a lion and the face of a lamb. Every Christian is to possess within herself

Chicago Marathon set for Sunday, Oct. 11

by Monica Friesen layout editor Moody students can expect to see a lot more traffic around campus on the morning of Oct. 11 as tens of thousands of runners are set to compete in the

Student’s Study Abroad Experience in Germany

by Monica Friesen news layout editor Interview with Rachel Hart, August 17, 2015 Moody offers students many opportunities for new experiences and adventures with Study Abroad. Rachel Hart was one such student this last summer in