Culture’s crushes: My one week hiatus from church

I go to church in Wheaton, at Wheaton Chinese Alliance Church. It is the place where I have consistently felt most at home the last couple years. While I have many great friends at

Culture’s Crushes: Admitting and vilifying sin as the body of Christ

We do not enjoy admitting our sin; this is concomitant with fallen humanity. Probably resulting from pride and a fear of alienation, we attempt to hide our faults. We present ourselves as a brilliant,

Culture’s Crushes: Striving to be biblical instead of relevant

A couple weeks ago I had lunch in Chinatown with the youth pastor I assist. Afterwards, taking the Red Line back to Moody, I saw an interesting church advertisement. In massive font it said

Culture’s Crushes: Remembering the discipline of stillness

My generation is probably the most entertained to ever live. With the capabilities of smartphones and other devices, amusement is always accessible. We have few quiet moments and rarely find stillness. I have been

Culture’s Crushes: Pedophilia being described as sexual orientation

Pedophilia is viewed by many as the most heinous crime a person can commit. There is, however, a growing number of people who consider it a sexual orientation. This leads to two questions: “What

Culture’s Crushes: Killing and ultimate evil in media

Our culture seems to be drawn to death, particularly if it’s caused by another person, and particularly if it’s a “kill,” which The American Heritage Dictionary defines this way: “to put to death; slay,”

Culture’s Crushes: Should we watch questionable films?

In the last issue of the Standard I reviewed an intriguing movie called “The Master,” Paul Thomas Anderson’s follow-up to his modern classic “There Will Be Blood.” The film is considered to be one

Culture’s Crushes: Pondering the products we purchase

In a 2008 New York Times article, author Ed Bark said, “Not surprisingly, Americans continue to out-big-foot everyone else when it comes to consumption. Although only 5 percent of the global population, Americans are

Culture’s Crushes: Storytelling moves by resembling truth

Everyone is moved by a well told story. People invest dollars and hours in books, movies, graphic novels, music, and other media in hopes of encountering a good story. While not everyone is moved

Culture’s Crushes

America really has a thing for movie remakes. With just a glance over the last decade of film, we can see many commercial and critical successes that are remakes of older films: “Moulin Rouge!”