Before I go | editorials

parting words from the former editor in chief by Margaret Tazioli former editor-in-chief After accepting the position as editor-in-chief for The Moody Standard last fall, I immediately turned to Google and asked “how to be a

With full mouths | editorial

modified christianity | alternative views on a uniform system by Calvin Edwards editor-in-chief   Should one wish to do so, one could make a case that discontentment was mankind’s first sin. God placed Adam in the garden and supplied

Heart of the matter: Silent God

It’s awfully quiet down here by Margaret Tazioli editor-in-chief   My God is a silent god. He no longer speaks to me. Not that I’m sure he ever did. I lie in the grass — feeling the irritated

Heart of the matter: Tone those muscles and rip those abs

Building the strength to carry the wounded soldier This is an embarrassing confession: a few months ago I got down on the floor to do a pushup only to discover I have zero upper body

Heart of the matter: Danger of labels

What we call someone matters. The names we use, the nicknames we give and the labels we declare all have meaning. So what happens when we reduce someone to a flirt or a tool or

Heart of the matter: (Re)define the relationship

by Margaret Tazioli editor-in-chief My friend raised one eyebrow and glanced at the young man walking beside me. I could imagine what she was thinking. She was probably sizing us up — measuring our height

Let’s talk prohibition

by Margaret Tazioli editor-in-chief I still remember the first time I tried alcohol. I was 21, and my brother was home for Christmas break. It was during one of his midnight kitchen raids when he pulled

Break out that U-Pass (or not) and go explore

by Margaret Tazioli editor-in-chief Ward A. Montgomery Park If you walk South on Wells St. and then turn right on Erie St., you will find yourself in a little oasis on the river front. I stumbled

Scribbles in the Margins: If I could do it all over again

“How do you do it? How do you balance everything?” I get asked this question frequently, often accompanied with incredulous looks as I explain my next week’s schedule in passing to someone at the bro/sis

Scribbles in the Margins: How the saints saw lament

Weariness is a word we are all familiar with. About this time in the semester, I see students with eyes glazed over, especially after coming out of the library. The response to “How are