Before I go | editorials

parting words from the former editor in chief by Margaret Tazioli former editor-in-chief After accepting the position as editor-in-chief for The Moody Standard last fall, I immediately turned to Google and asked “how to be a

Two Faced Christians | editorial

Monica Friesen nation & world layout editor I once heard a pastor describe Christians as having two faces: the face of a lion and the face of a lamb. Every Christian is to possess within herself

With full mouths | editorial

modified christianity | alternative views on a uniform system by Calvin Edwards editor-in-chief   Should one wish to do so, one could make a case that discontentment was mankind’s first sin. God placed Adam in the garden and supplied

Pete Unseth, known to the registrar as 1122173

It’s been a while since I graduated from Moody; I was a classmate of Dr. Rydelnik, which tells you it’s been a few years. I was asked to write how my MBI education affected my

Letter to the Editor: Nurturing a biblically informed conscience, appetite

by Barry Cole senior investment administrator investments department “For behaviors that Scripture does not expressly prohibit, Moody leaves these matters to the employee’s biblically-informed conscience.” This is a recent change in the Community Standards policy for me

Embracing bed bugs for the sake of the Gospel

by Micah Leal correspondent Rain. Three days of torrential downpour and freezing temperatures, fresh snow 500 feet up the mountain, a dismal gray sky choking out the hope of sunlight, and bug bites running down

The dark side of discernment

 by Jason Leman correspondent One of the questions I most often hear regarding the Debate Society is: “How are we competing against these top-notch schools when we’re comparatively miniscule and have academics on an entirely

Bughouse Square: By faith and not by sight, an alumnus’ perspective on calling

by Rod Fry correspondent Ah, Missions Conference time! I remember the zealous comments on the elevator descending from the heavenly dwellings of Culby 19: “I’m ready to go!” or “Send me God!” Although I was

Encountering the Body abroad

Adelina Ghilea correspondent Let me tell you a quick story. It is a story that will seem random to many, yet we should all know there is absolutely nothing random in God’s economy. Just a few

Lost in Translation: Retooling our tendency towards technicism

On Sept. 12, Dr. Rosalie de Rosset, professor of communications, delivered her second chapel on the theology of technology. I agree with de Rosset’s inference that we mustn’t replace God with a reliance on